Garmin - Two GPS Unit's on one PC?


I've a Garmin Forerunner 110 and am thinking of getting one for my other half too (we usually share mine but it's becoming increasingly difficult to do so and we're all over the shop at different times). We've just got the one laptop between us, would we need to download two seperate versions of Garmin Upload?

I couldnt remember if each download was specific to that particular unit (the watch)? Or would we just need to log in/out to our own individual Garmin accounts before uploading from our own watches...?

Or does any of that even make sense?!

Also, does anyone know where I can pick one up for cheaper that the £115 they're currently going on for Amazon? I got mine for £80 from there but that was about two years ago...



  • Use Garmin Connect (the web-based software) and use seperate log-ins on the PC and you'll be off.

  • My husband has a 305 and I have a 610. We both use the online software so we log in before we upload (well, mine does it automatically through the wireless ANT agent when I walk in the house, but that's besides the point). I think if there is any confusion it'll give you the option of which device you want to upload from (you'll have named it when you registered it to be able to identify it)....and if you only have the one plugged into the computer it'll do that one!

    Er, does that help? Not entirely sure what you were asking, but I can reassure you that we have two Garmin GPS units, using the same computer with no problems.

  • My OH and I tried using one PC to upload data from two different devices via ANT sticks, but it never worked properly, even though we followed the instructions, specified the device types, etc.

    With Garmin Connect it shouldn't be a problem, as you log on with separate IDs.

  • Aye, you've all just about covered what I wanted to know in the last three responses.

    Ta very much!

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