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I am due to do a half on Sunday, the last half I did earlier in the year I got in a right muddle over tapering so this time I decided not to worry too much and treat the half as almost my usual Sunday long run and what will be will be ( which have been doing for a few months)

I run consistently Wednesdays short ish fast run with some 30 sec sprints ( 5 miles), Fridays 6-7 miles hilly and then between 10 and 13 on a Sunday.  Can't do anymore due to 3 very young kids and work etc etc...

Last week I just ran as normal, then on Sunday I reduced my long run to 7 ish miles, I have done my usual 4-5 this morning but at a gentle pace.

My question is shall I now not run until the half on Sunday, therefore skipping my Friday run to rest the legs for 3 full days??


Thanks for any opinions or advice image


  • I'd just do a few easy miles Friday I like to keep my legs ticking over but reduce speed and intensity!
  • Thanks, had wondered that myself!

  • Depends how you feel as well. I usually do triathlons rather then running events, but I like 2-3 days off completely before an event.

  • Thanks, good point: am feeling tired, non sleeping kids and 5.30 running starts taking toll anyway this week, so will see how I feel by Friday...

  • I agree with the above.  I generally either stop for those few days completely, or go for a slow trot to just keep everything moving.  Also if I'm feeling committed I may also do some decent stretching and foam rollering to get rid of any kinks.

    Other than that, just go and enjoy it and relax.

  • The training plans I've been following always have rest for the last few days but then a 20 minute easy run just the day before.
  • Slow fairly short trot on Friday sound ideal to me!

  • Thanks for all the responses, I really appreciate it. I think as long as I feel OK I will stick to my usual Friday morning, but just keep it shorter and slow......I think last half I did I was plagued by niggles and  fear of injury and stopped too much which made me nervous!

  • Just wanted to say thanks to all those who took the time to respond to me last week: it really helped and I felt that it got me just the right taper that suited me.  I  had a great run and unexpectedly broke the 2 hours: it really made up for my niggling disappointment from my first half earlier in the year, where I felt I could have done better!  great feelingimage 



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