Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Today, 19th September is Talk Like a Pirate day.

Splice the mainbrace Jimlad, or ye'll be walking the plank!



  • Why are pirates called pirates?

    Because they aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh image

  • Shiver mi' timbers Cinders, that was right terrible.

  • talk like a pirate day you say ? .. ok then ...

    "well, I did the swim in just under 55 with a real fast T1, then on to the bike I was cruising it until my X55 uber-soft track special edition decided to give out on me so had to change it, but still managed a great T2 going in to the run, but I hadn't done any training so it was ...........ZZzzzzzzzz "  image 


     image image 



    I'm sorry my little yellow and black friends, someone had to do it !! image


  • How do you know when you're talking to an Ironman?

    He'll tell you......


  • That dog is SO annoyed......

  • Rumour has it that Liverbird is a successful pirate ... and has quite a lot of booty.

  • Never believe everything you read in the papers
  • Muttley wrote (see)

    Rumour has it that Liverbird is a successful pirate ... and has quite a lot of booty.

    Do you mean booby? image

  • I have plenty of both ta! image

  • Pirates support Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsenal.

  • What's a pirates favourite sweet?


  • Guy in a bar notices a pirate standing next to him, complete with wooden leg, hook hand and eye patch.

    'Hope you don't mind me asking, but how did you get the wooden leg?' says the guy.

    'Aaarrr, I had to walk the plank an' when I fell into the sea, me leg was bitten off by a shark'

    'Nasty. What about the hook?'

    'Aaarrr, i got inta a fight wi' Long John Silver an' he cut off me hand wi' his cutlass'

    'Ouch! How did you lose your eye then?'

    'Aaarrr, I was scannin' the horizon fer enemy ships an' a seagull shat in me eye.'

    'But surely you wouldn't lose your eye just because of that?'

    'Aaarrr, I'd forgotten about the hook...'

  • Hey KK! And that's me with my slap on too...image


  • Avast behind!

  • In that case this is appropriate

    The Pirate Sketch from The Million Pound Radio Show

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