What are the marquee runs in 2013 like London Marathon, Great North Run etc.

Hi all, im planning on doing a few proper events next year, already got a spot for the London Marathon and im going to apply for the Great North Run but besides that what other main running events are they in the UK. Might try the Jersey marathon in October also.




  • What do you mean by 'proper' and 'main'?  

    Are you just interested in tick-off-the-list events like GNR and VLM, or do you want to do challenging, interesting races?

  • Tick off the list events, Ive done London and New York. Im entering a few local ones like Leeds 10k.

  • most events have a marquee, usually used for registration or storing luggage image


  • Halstead marathon doesn't have a marquee, just a gazebo.

  • GNR is busy. Not so much of a race as an event for most people.  TBH you'd be better off doing smaller more scenic races.  Keswick Half - Great Langdale Half/Full.

    No tents but pubs are close. image

  • After watching the GNR on Sunday I've now ticked it off my "to do" list. It just looked so busy and about 30% of people were wearing I pods.

    Not my idea of fun at all, although loads of people seem to love that sort of thing.

    BTW the Stratford Shakespeare marathon had a marquee but it was starting to get a bit flooded last yr with all the rain.
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    As a general guide for the potential contents of your bucket list, include any race that has the word "Great" in its title. If it says its great, then it has to be doesn't it? This will include

    Great North Run

    Great South Run

    Great Eastern Run

    Great East Anglian Run

    Great Cumbrian Run

    Great North West HM

    Great Welsh Marathon

    Great Bentley Half Marathon

    For me they all sound at bit tedious, except for the Great Bentley race which is a gem.
  • UTMB. Thats a proper event.

  • Comrades ? Although I imagine that might have a kraal rather than a tent
  • Confucious says: the smaller the race, the shorter the queues for the loos.  Wise old man.

    I do love the big events like London, but also have a huge soft spot for quirky local races.  One of their main advantages is that the exchange rate is something like 5-10 quirky local races to the Great Run.

  • FWIW I got a pb at the Great North Run on Sunday, so it is possible. Oh, and I wasn't wearing an Ipod image

  • Joolska wrote (see)

    Confucious says: the smaller the race, the shorter the queues for the loos.  Wise old man.

    Bike events (even large bike events) are great - never, ever a queue for the ladies image

  • GNR you just drop em and pee wherever you be.image

    Even girls.

  • Thought that was just Saturday night in the Bigg market ?
  • I've peed in the bushes in the grounds of the Sandringham estate  image

    Cos I'm well posh.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I've peed in the vineyards in Bordeaux... because there were no loos on route.

    After trying a bit of both - I prefer smaller events, because:

    • better comradery amongst runners (i like chatting to strangers)
    • smaller field means smaller queues for tea/loos
    • less stress and hassle in the first few miles trying to find pace
    • less stress in running past walkers after 1/2 mile

    Don't me wrong - London holds a close place in my running heart - but i'll choose a smaller local race anyday!

  • LIVERBIRD wrote (see)

    GNR you just drop em and pee wherever you be.image

    Even girls.

    Yep, I used some shrubbery last year image

  • Attempting to be more helpful, there are plenty of big city half marathons (Reading, Birmingham, Cardiff, Bath, etc.) and 10ks (Bupa 10000 in London, etc.) which you can add to and tick off your list if you wish, Mark, but do try the smaller events, too.  Why not start with a parkrun (free timed 5k held on Saturdays) to experience the smaller event feel?

  • I may be wrong, but I think the OP is more interested in the ones that other people have heard of.

    You know, proper events!

  • Oh give over with ya higher then mighty attitude Wilkie. Your a very condescending person, noticed it in my other thread you hijacked. If you have nothing to contribute then dont post on here if all you want to do is belittle my questions. Go mock somewhere else or do you think cos your in a running club and a secretary and im a newbie you have a right to appear elitest. Do one please.



  • I work hard to get back to fitness, Ive run 3 marathons raising over 5k for charity losing 3 stone each time to do it and kowing I needed a knee  ACL reconstruction. Ive had this 3 months ago and im now starting from scratch again with my fitness and building the knee up, I'd like some goals and aims and would like to do some popular mainstream events like the Jane Tomlinson 10k in Leeds or Great North Run. Is that ok Wilkie or to get YOUR approval do I have to do the ones you say or think I should.

  • So you have lost 3 stone each time ? Why bother putting it back every time ?
  • No I gradually put some on after and  then get  to a new lighterweight then before. Ive put on 20 pounds since knee op and just started proper training 2 weeks ago. But thats not the topic on here. I suspect the regulars on here now will come on and have nit pick as I've commented on Wilkies constant belittling posts.

  • Sorry you brought up the weight loss
  • No worries, just wanted to highlight the effort I put in to do these events and I don't appreciate the attitude of some people who are quick to put down and belittle my posts when its a perfectly normal question.

    I respond well to goals and aims, like the London Marathon and this event pushes me and the day pushes me with the crowd. I wouldnt feel the same doing a smaller or quieter  marathon event tbh, doesnt make me a bad person. We're all different. I'm not a serious runner or club runner, most of the time its not about the time but more so the event and satisfaction in finishing.

  • Yeah no one else puts in any effort. Lol
  • Care to highlight where I say that? Please.

  • Pointless post that tbh. Not sure why you posted it, or as the witchhunt on a newbie or inexperienced runner started.

  • FWIW, it was probably your use of the word "proper" that got everybody pissed off.

    Anyway - events with a large number of participants

    (Think Great South Run should be on that list)

    Also - IAAF Road Race Label Events


  • True tbh, can see your point and meant  no disrespect by that. I would be tempted to do some quieter events like 10k etc next year as I am aiming to beat my PB of 51 minutes as I realised this year when I started taking times into account I did better. But all that wont be until next year due to knee rehab.

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