hi there i was running well untill it got to summer i stopped cos i sweat terribly and i went on my first run monday night didnt go mad just a gentle one now my left foot just after the heel where it meets the arch is super painfull it didnt hurt that night whilst running or after but next morning it did and still does now any advice please guys i dont wanna stop running only just got back into it?????image


  • Ice, massage it with a tennis ball or similar, and rest it.  If you try ruinning on it too soon you'll just make it worse.  When you run again, run a short distance and build it back up slowly to make sure it's okay.

  • What is it I've actually done then?? Thanks very much for your advice just so frustrating only just started running again
  • I am a beginners too, and I do love running but unfortunately each time I must stop after 5Km because my forefoot start to burn as if it was on fire. I have got the shoe and shock form a specialist shop where they have analysed my foot gait and videoing whilst I was running so I could get the perfect shoe for me, but it isn’t that perfect after all. I did ice/ tennis ball massage and events saw medical advice and took anti-inflammation tablets but my ball of foot still hurt. Any advice would be very much appreciated thanks.image

  • You are probably overdoing it, or not allowing it to fully heal before pounding away at the weak area again.  I'm no expert but it's just some slightly torn tissue or something and I know it can be debilitating. But do bear in mind just because it feels better it doesn't mean it has fully healed.  When I've had injuries like this in the past I've usually given it at least another good few days after the discomfort has subsided and then built my runs back up slowly.

    For strengthening, calf raises are good exercises, and will probably make the most difference.

    Don't trust the shoe shops too much (been there done that!)...they can sound very convincing and have all the gear....but trust your own instincts too.  When I buy new shoes I run with them on the treadmill first for at least 45 mins and if they don't feel right I take them back.

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