Shocking run

After my best run ever on Monday I think I was at the complete other end of the scale this morning.  The same intervals/pattern were just a struggle, I felt as if I had nothing in my legs.  This wasn't due to feeling particularly there, legs weren't hearting, wasn't breathing that hard; head was well up for it but the body just didn't seem to respond....which then buggered up the head.

Started to wonder how much of this is possibly down to running first think in the morning (05:50).  Went out at 20:00 on Monday.

Hopefully wont turn out to be a theme as I much prefer plodding first thing when possible.


  • Sometimes runs are just like that, and it's horrible.

    Your next one will be a good one again and you will be able to put this one behind you.

    I like running in the morning too but it gets harder in the winter because you need a little more energy to maintain your body heat when you first step out into the cold. If you are running before breakfast, make sure you have had a good meal the night before to keep you going.

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