Attaching Running Numbers

I heard an interview on the radio a few months back about a product for attaching race number to vests without the use of pins or by using a race belt.

Does anybody know anything about it?



  • Not heard of it but it'd be good to find out more.  Sounds great.  I've ruined so many tops getting holes ripped in them from the safety pins pulling out.  Could save me a fortune.

  • I've heard of people using magnets, you could try that. Never had a problem with safety pins myself though.

  • On most mud/obstacle races by the time I've crawled through the first obstacle/netting the numbers ripped off along with chunks of my top.

  • Staples?  (before you put the top on, I would suggest).


  • Wasnt this discussed last week or so ?

    Either magnets, or press studs I think you mean.

    I prefer the race belt though- dead easy.

  • Yes another thread on it...

    I mentioned on there hearing the same interview on BBC Radio 2, but I'm damned if I can remember the website.  It was basically a plastic nipple for under the shirt and a flat top that pushes in and locks in some way on it over top of the number.  But cannot remember the website!!

  • That sounds rather like a press-stud! 

  • It is.. but amazingly this bloke got a patent on it, as it's specifically for holding running numbers in place image


  • I picked up some magnets from the Rotterdam expo (company was called Fix Points)as an impulse buy. Used them once and they were ok - haven't used them since as a bit of a faff as I found you needed to put them on before you put your vest on as front and back need to line up which is hard when you're wearing your vest and trying to line the number up too! I also got paranoid about magnetic interference if the timing chip is in the number - no scientific basis for this just good old fashioned paranoia!
  • I just use a race belt like this - I've done a few triathlons and you only get one number and have to switch it from bike to run, but I use it in all my running races too.  I suspect that what the guy has 'invented' are basically the press studs off a race belt like this!

  • I got given 2 packs of press studs in my goody bag at a 10k. They are a bit fiddly but saves putting holes in your clothes.

  • Check out a Company called Sportstiks

  • Thank you very much Mr Baker.

    From Whois :


    The official title of is: Sportstiks | Sports Stickers | Athlete Stickers | Ancillary Sheets

    Baker Self Adhesive Label Co Ltd (BAKER70312)
    37 Sutherland Rd
    Walthamstow, London SL5 7PW

    There's a coincidence eh ? image

  • The fact that this is Mr Baker's first and only post is a bit of a give-away too.

    His product doesn't even answer the question of how to fix your number to your vest, either!

  • Wilkie wrote (see)

    His product doesn't even answer the question of how to fix your number to your vest, either!

    I thought that too! 

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭

    Brilliant detective work,


    Well done!

  • I bought these at the Berlin marathon expo.  Sound similar to the press-studs described above.  Nice set of six in a box with a little hole punch for making the required holes in the running number bibs.

    They are a bif of a faff to put on but otherwise work well enough.

    Probably only something I would use during marathons or ultramarathons, where I've marked more than enough club vests (mine are predominantly white) with rust marks from safety pins.

    Njord (not Mr Bibfix, honest)

  • My other half got something very similar in the race pack when he did Etape Caledonia. They were just a bit smaller and plain white. He was so impressed he kept them intending to use them again then promptly lost one in the washing machine.

    The only UK site selling them appears to be amazon, and they've only got ones with Union Jacks on. Anyone know where else they can be bought from? They'd make great little presents for the runners/road cyclists/triathletes on my Christmas list...(plus I want some for myself...)
  • I bought some of these for a HM last month - they were great.

  • Would some neodymium fridge magnets not do the job just as well ? 

  • I use Fix Points (Magnets) they are brilliant. Very light and you don't notice them, but very strong. 

    Several of us liked them so much our Club has done some special ones with the club initials on, also noticed that the Milton Keynes Marathon People have special ones too. 

    I ordered my original set from Germany it was quick and easy. 

  • When ever I stick my number on I just use safety pins. Nowadays at some events the number actually sticks on to your shirt but that is only at certain events.

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