Anyone know where to get a good 10k training plan from?

The one on this website deals in metres and thats no good for a beginner like me.

Any positive suggestions would be gratefully recieved.

Thanks in advance


  • Interested why the unit of measurement makes it unsuitable for a beginner? You could just do the converting?!

    400m=0.25 800m=0.50 1200m=0.75

  • But you want a 10k plan so of course it will be in meters if you find a training plan for 6.213 miles that might be in yards
  • You haven't given any indication of your current training or fitness level and your profile is empty so no idea where you are starting from.

    Have a look at this:-

    A plan for every level of ability and commitment.

    I hope it helps, please don't just steam into the sub 38 mins plan with no previous training. As this assumes a certain level of fitness.

    The get you round and sub 60 plans obviously more suited to a beginner.

    The spiel at the top is also worth a read.
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