3 weeks between HM and 10k. Plan?


Did GNR last weekend, have Edinburgh 10k on 7th Oct. I ran the GNR fairly sensibly so a few aches but nothing major. Had a very comfortable slow run today with no problems.

I'd ideally like to run the 10k quite hard rather than just jog around. What would you advise for recovery/training between the two events?

My HM training was 2 x 3-4 mile runs and a 5-6 run in the week with a long run (10-13 mile) at the weekend. I've been running for about 18 months, last years 10k was my first and the GNR was my second Half.




  • Loads of time to recover, don't worry about that. I would go for easyish couple of days after then back into some steady training remaining aware of any aches/pains/tiredness. You are highly unlikely to be able to do anything that will make a noticable difference so then just ease back down into your 10k. You should have no problems at all 3 weeks after a half, that is more than enough time.

  • Ta, that sounds sensible. I read somewhere that a guide to recovery would be to take it easy for as many days as you'd run miles, but 13 days easy sounded a bit long!


  • That's after a hard race, and it's fairly sensible advice. But as you say you ran sensibly, which I'm assuming means you didn't go all-out and totally knacker yourself, you won't need as many recovery days...

  • I see. Fairly sensibly meant I ran 12 miles at the pace I'd planned and then tried to run the last mile harder. It certainly felt harder although my GPS splits don't show it as much faster. Didn't sprint for the line though, it would have ruined my Mobot!

  • I've read 1 easy day for every 3 miles of racing, therefore 4/5 days easy after a HM.

  • LOL @ the 'ruined my Mobot' comment image
  • That's my excuse and I'm  sticking to it!

  • Thanks for training tips people. Absolutely destroyed my PB at the GER today, so clearly the advice here was spot on!

  • Woohoo! Well done image
  • Ta! So delighted was I with the time (48:04 from a previous best of 55:34) that I bit the bullet and reigstered for the Edinburgh Marathon that night. I also had a voucher for the Rock and Roll Half so I registered for that too.

    I now have plenty of motivation for winter training!

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