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Hi I'm just starting running, i am 19 and i used to run when i  was 15/16, but then stopped as my exams where getting in the way. After being a 'supporter and watching from the slide lines' Ive been wanted to get back into it for ages!

So yesterday i went out for my first run i only ran 2 miles and it took me 30 minutes image. Even though i thought i done very well, thinking about it i did walk a lot and 30 minutes for 2 miles is terrible (sorry if i offend anyone).

My father is an elite runner and he says its hard at the start, but i am looking to start Bryn Bach park runs on a Saturday morning, but I'm not good enough yet.

So any advice to help my running come along? I am running 3 times a week so far.

Thanks Katyimage


  • A bit like your dad says it'll take a while.  Just take it easy and don't compare yourself too much to what you think you should be doing.  No need to apologise about the 30 mins (some days that's all I can manage as I have ME).  The main thing at this stage is to enjoy your running and find your own rythm.  Speed and distance will come with time.  Let your body and mind get used to the runs.  I'm sure that all sound a bit woolly and you probably wanted specifics but I wouldn't personally suggest getting caught up with PB's and target times yet.  If you have a race in mind in the future that can help as a bit of a target and goal.  If not simply enjoy it.

  • Thanks image thats great! yes i always knew it was going to take a while before it comes easier, i was hoping that the Nos Galan 5k over Aberdare would be my first goal on new years eve, and hopefully i would be a bit more confident by then and have completed a few park runs image Thanks again, Katy

  • That's certainly doable.  At 2 miles you are already over half the way finished!

  • Google couch to 5k, you should find a nice introductory running schedule you can work with to get you started right.
  • depending on the organisers of the local parkrun you ought to be able to go along and join in even if you are on a walk/run program.
    Our local one has all sorts of speeds running. I think one lady on a walk/run schedule took 50 mins so you should be fine if you can do 2 miles in 30 mins. Go down and speak to them and ask? image

  • Ok thanks very much image lots of help!

  • No park runs near me Katy but think it could help you lots, even if it takes you 45 minutes on your first attempt I'm sure the times will tumble as the weeks go by and you get fitter and that alone will boost the running bug for you image If your dad is an elite runner I'm sure he will have some great tips for you (please share if he does). You may want to look at one of the many C25K training schedules as well.

  • hello....just wanted to say hi as i'm pretty new to running too image

    my OH is also a fairly newish runner (in the last year) but he is naturally very good at it and he just ran the Gt North Run in a time of 1.42 and he didn't even train that hard i think he struggles to understand why i am so SLOW and why i can't run up hills very well! have to say though, it does seem to be getting a bit easier...guess its just a case of plugging away with it and not bothering about speed for the moment?!

  • Yep - most plans will go by distance/time rather than speed. image  Speed will come with time.

  • I know a lot of people on here may disagree but i have found that using a heart monitor to control my runs has helped me a lot.

    I found running to a specific pulse range really helped me to control my pace. I also found downloading a free running app in my case Endomondo really helped by letting me see exactly what distance i was running, it also allows me to study my improvemnet over time and to enter comments so acts as my running diary.


  • Hi everyone i have`nt even started to jog/run as yet. I have enjoyed reading everyones input and experienced advice. I am 47yrs old and overweight by 5 to 10 kgs. I really want to walk first and than add running as i become more fit.I will go and purchase some new suitable footwear first image.I am feeling quite excited and anxious about starting. Thankyou to everyone and i will let you all know when i begin and how i go image


  • Hi we have a couch to 5k guide on our Nos Galan website

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