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I wonder if anyone can help.  I'm used to training for 5k up to half marathon distance but am entering a 2.5k run as part of a triathlon.  As my run is better than my bike and swim, I would like to get that time down as much as possible.

I currently run 4 x / week, mileage about 30 miles consisting of 2 x interval sessions (4 mins hard, 3 mins easy repeated), 1 x 4-6 mile threshold and 1 long run of 10-15 miles.

my 5k pb is 19.49, 10k is 42.22 and half marathon is 1.34.

Any ideas on how to adapt my current runs to make me fast on the shorter 2.5k run?

i could fit in a 5th run at a push if necessary.

any ideas very much appreciated! 



  • Have you raced a triathlon before?  If not, I would concentrate on the brick session.  Bike followed immediately by run.  If you can't get your legs used to this, your speed over 2.5k will be wasted.

    As it is, three quality sessions in four runs is already a short distance training plan, and explains your relative speed over 5k compared to longer distances.  I wouldn't want to keep that plan up for too long, but I've been told I'm risk averse.

  • As above a brick session will be useful. Also I wouldn't worry to much about the distance for the run to much given what your doing now for running will serve you well.

    Have you considered how your going to do on the bike and swimming front? They will compliment your running training and also if you train a lot for the run and then come a cropper before you get to it won't matter how good a runner you are your body will be struggling to keep going. 

  • thanks both of you - appreciate you helping me.  I have done quite a few sprint triathlons in the usual order (swim, bike, run) but this one is run, bike, swim as it is an indoor one and I dont think the gym want their floor dripped on!

    My swim and bike are fine but not brilliant (will probably do 10k bike in 15 mins and 400m swim in 7 min).  I do each of these once a week but dont like them as much!  Will do some speed sessions on these too.

    Good to know that my current running schedule should be ok for this shorter run though.  I was beginning to think I would have to do another speed session!

    thanks again x

  • I would shorten the time / distance on one of your interval session - well, I'd be mixing up the interval sessions a bit more. 4 mins will be over a k by some. You might want to try 400 and 800m reps. Also your recovery is too long. 90secs should be about right for 1k and 800m and 60 secs for 400.

    Also do a reverse brick session, just a thought but after pushing the pace on a run my legs are usually too dead to cycle, though 2.5k is a short distance you're still going to push the pace. You'll need to know how fast to run and still be able to cycle afterward.

  • thanks for all your help on this - appreciate it x


  • Agree with T.Mouse - Cycling after running can be hard, don't underestimate it!

  • will give it a go this weekens - thanks x

  • I can imagine how the pool will become after all the sweaty bodies jump into itimage.

    If you want improve your bike time.i would try out all the bikes in the gym and work out which one measures the shortest as grab that one............I believe they are not accurate in calibrations and so will make the difference.........

    good luck .indoors sounds like hell to meimage

  • yuck - had not thought of that until now!!!  Will be making sure I book the 1st heat!

    good advice on the bike choice too - will do my research

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