Heart Rate Monitors

I've been giving it plenty at the gym recently and the instructor has recommended that I get a HRM instead of legging it to the clock everytime i get off the tready. I've looked at them but the bit that goes round your chest looks no bigger than the bit that goes round your wrist!!! Surely nobody's that thin... so before I shell out £30 or so (don't want nothing flash) can anyone tell me how does one stick it on one??!!


  • I'll try and help....my HRM is a bog-standard one, has a watch that goes on my wrist and a plastic bit containing the monitor that's on an adjustable elastic strap to go around my chest. It can be easily adjusted to fit me or my husband (who's considerable larger than me) so I'm sure you won't have any problems! You've probably just seen the monitor bit without the elastic strap attached.

    I wouldn't be without mine now - even if it's just so I can have a good reason to go even slower than usual!
  • Thanks, Twinkle that's very helpful. The slowing down bit sounds good, too!
  • I have the opposite problem Plod - I have the elastic strap as tight as possible and it is still baggy - gonna have to get me needle and thread out and shorten it.
  • Don't think I'll have that problem, Serv. S'why I'm 'giving it plenty' down the gym... Don't be fooled by the pic - the beard takes pounds off me!
  • That's where I'm going wrong - no beard - right off to grow one
  • I had to tie a knot in my old polar ealstics belt. The new ones are much smaller though. Phew !
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