Looking for a Spring Marathon other than VLM or Brighton

I have done London and Brighton so I am looking for a decent road marathon before London as I like to go and support at London.



  • Tommy - I am going to go to Sussex again - not an easy one as it is all either up or down, no flat - but was really well organised, fairly small so no problem parking or getting away at the end. Nice medal and t-shirt tooimage

  • Oh yeah I had forgotten about that one, when is it ?

  • April 7th I think - if that is the Sunday


  • Llanelli in April.lovely run by the sea................most peoiple I know have PB'd there...lovely flat course...image

  • Thanks Seren Looks interesting, would mean an over night stay but might not be a problem...

  • Tommy if you don't might roughing it up north there is manchester marathon. This year was a bit of shabbles but freak winter was a big part of it so hopefully ok next time.

    Also a good marathon in blackpool which will be cheap as chips for a b&b. http://www.marathonrunnersdiary.com/races/uk-marathons/blackpool-marathon.php

  • Stratfords a good un.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Does it have to be in the UK?

    Some suggestions:

    • Rotterdam
    • Paris
    • Duesseldorf
    • Antwerp

    Saying that -i've heard great things about Manchester and Sussex. Edinburgh is also listed in the "spring marathons" but it's later than the others.

  • I was looking at Paris but I am committed to an expensive weekend in Nottingham in July, so a european marathon might have to wait untill 2014.

     I have heard good things about stratford but isn't it on the same day as the VLM. That would be no good as I do like to go and support at Mudchute each year.image

  • Halstead and Essex in may always gets good reviews too! I'm checking out Blackpool this year!!!
  • Evening everyone.

    Looking to do a Spring Marathon - I've done London and Edinburgh and really enjoyed them both, I like the bigger events, but annoyingly, dont have the cash to do NewYork - I'm thinking Paris...or maybe Dusseldorf..?

    Has anyone run Paris or D'dorf? Really like to here your experiences.


    Bobby ....King Cooper

  • Hungryconsumer - I did Paris last year, having been rejected by VLM.

    The race itself is really well organised, through a beautiful city and very well supported.

    Another major plus is that there is a very active - and extremely friendly - thread on Runners World. Very supportive and we even get to meet up on the weekend of the Marathon - before, during and after the run.

    I enjoyed it so much that I'll be doing it again next year.

    Entries open October 17th - no ballot, pay your money and you're in. although the price goes up in stages as the race fills up. This year, registration opens a little later than last year - but last year it was over a month before it sold out.

  • Tommygun why you coming notts? Im from there and would like know of flat marathon april may time.

  • I think Stratford is usually the week after London. I doubt the weather will be as bad as last year so might be worth a go

  • After my recent Elvis related disappointment I signed up for Manchester next April. A friend did it this year and said that apart from the baggage debarcle the event was organised reasonably well. They also claim to have altered the course for next year, to be the "flattest in the UK" with only 55m of climb. Should hopefully make for a PB (although anything would be an improvement on my first race).

  • Has anyone done Rotterdam? Looks flat and fast and the costs look lower than Paris

  • When. That as close by and im thinking after two weeks rest in my fashion lets start first marathon training
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