Is the Achilles Tendon typicaly a bit tendor?

So I sorted out my training plan only for my achilles tendon to decide to stop me from running for the last 12 days.  I saw a phyio again yesterday and I asked him will I be okay to run once I don't feel any pain when squeezing my tendon, as well as do the heel drops without any discomfort.

I was surprised by his response as he said the tendon can typically be a bit tendor for runners.  So my question is, for those of you running 30+ miles a week, do you also find your achilles tendon a little tendor at times?  Does it hurt if you squeeze it?  And if so has it been giving you any grief or preventing you from running?  On my last run the tendon was unusually very painful throughout an 11 mile run....7 miles out...4 miles hobbling back home!


  • Yes but then I`ve had problems with it in the past. Often it`s telling you that you`re overdoing it. Lots of ice! and stretching!

  • Ditto! I often have a sore achilles on the side that I have a history of calf muscle problems. It doesn't hurt when I squeeze it by pinching it from side to side but it does feel tender when I massage it by pushing on it with my thumbs. Stretching helps, also foam rolling, also rolling feet over a tennis/golf ball. Basically just stretch and ease off as much as possible everything else that's connected...

    I only have ONE sore achilles though, so it's probably not something that most runners have trouble with as a matter of course...

  • I think you might be in the early stages of achilles tendonitis. I've had it and it can be very debilitatng. At the time squeezing the achilles was very painful, it swelled to over twice the width!

    I went to the physio, who prescribed eccentric exercises twice a day. Google 'eccentric exercises for achilles tendonitis' and make sure you do them everyday, firstly as a prevention and secondly to stop whatever you have getting any worse.

    My achilles even now isn't as slim as it once was (and the ingury was about a year and a half ago) but it doesn't hurt even slightly when you squeeze it. The eccentric exercises definitely work.

  • I've got to agree with Jamie, I'm just getting over Achilles tendonitis and it was sore to pinch for a couple of weeks but i have never had soreness up untill the injury.

    I've had to drop from 70mile per week to about 30ish and slowly building back up. I do the heel exercises three times a day. My physio reckons about three months heal time even tho my pain had gone after three weeks.

    Got the Winter 100 in November so it is so hard not to push the training, one more setback could put me out the race. 

  • Thanks for the info everyone.

    Good luck with the Winter 100 training Dill!

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