Training between half marathons

Hi there

I've just completed the Great North Run (16th Sept 2012) after following a 12 weeks plan (averaging around 25 miles a week). This was my second half marathon: eveything went pretty much to plan (although finished 10 mins slower than planed partly due to congestion!) and i feel a little sore but not injured. I am planing to enter a local half marathon on 14th October 2012.

What would be a suitable training plan for the next 3 and a bit weeks?

Thank you in advance for any advice!




  • If it was me, I'd repeat the last few weeks of the plan.  This probably means this week (i.e 4 weeks before the event) would be one of the harder weeks, so I wouldn't follow it rigidly if feeling a bit sore.  e.g. If it says a speed session on Thurs, i might do less intervals or if it had a 8m slow run I'd cut it back to 4 or 5miles.

    NB This isn't from experience as I've not run two half-marathons in close proximity, but you don't have very much time to recover & improve, so I think your aim should be to sustain your current level of fitness.  

  • Thanks Stutyr for you answer - sounds logical!

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