Fat/fit club Sat 28th

Ran for 30 minutes this am
Will eat and drink to excess, another hotel meeting
Have a good weekend ,all


  • Have fun, Benz. Remember that the biscuits are NEVER all-butter at these bashes so it's not worth spoiling your coffee by eating them.

    I'm envious. I enjoy those training events. Never short of people to talk to as I have a degree of notoriety within my branch of the business...got asked to be an appraiser for the local PCT, so should be able to get to another one soon. So good to have nice food and not have to cook it or wash the dishes, although when I'm running there's never enough of it.

    First morning run for aeons is looming, then running around after sprats all day.
  • Good luck for tomorrow n-EP (non-Evil Pixie!). Got a PCC away-day all day, then doing some visits, so probably won't be around much today. Happy weekend all!
  • EP - I use a HRM al the time - I also love gadgets :o)
  • Hello all,
    Just got back from the cruise and I will not be weighing myself this week!!! Too much of a scaredy-cat!!! Didn't manage to do hardly any running around the decks I'm afraid. Tried to last Sunday morning, but got so many tuts and dirty looks from the old 'uns, that I decided to go to the gym. So, I went a total of 5 times in all, which was pretty excellent by my standards!! But, sadly I didn't do much treadmill work as it plays havoc with my shins. Anyway, back to the old routine from tomorrow. I've got a 10K next Sunday...oh dear!!! Hope you're all ok! Have a nice day everyone (what's left of it!).. I'm off to pick up the nutty boys from the cattery.
    Love, Michelle x
  • Thanks EP! Still haven't picked the boys up - the cattery owners are out at a boat show today and are still not back (hope they fed my boys before they went!!!). Clothes are feeling very, very tight I'm afraid. I feel absolutely exhausted - I know it's a cheek, as I've only just got back from lazing about for a week - but I really can't keep my eyes open.. got two suitcases full of washing to do too... so who's going to do that then????? Tomorrow, I've got the M25 slog to visit the parents... need another holiday soon methinks..!!
    Michelle x
  • Welcome back, Michelle. Glad you had a good cruise. You missed a nice little earthquake.

    Been dying to tell you - I'VE GOT TWO CATS!

    Hope yours aren't sulking about the cattery holiday.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Hi V-Rap,
    FANTASTIC!! Did you get them from the rescue centre? Tell me all about them!! Names/Ages/Colour?? I'm afraid the Mr wouldn't budge on us getting the little deaf white kitten.. I really missed my boys - but they're still not back yet.. the cattery-owners are still out boat-showing or something???!! I did hear about the earthquake - but I haven't read a newspaper all week and feel like I've been in the Twilight Zone.. I love going on holiday - but it's nice to come home.. Early night tonight for me I think... when I finally get my boys home!!
    Michelle x
  • They're lovely, Michelle. One of the rescue centres put us in contact with a man who was emigrating to Spain at the end of the year and needed a new home for his two cats. They've got really silly names - Tizzy (brown, very fluffy, quite large, likes the top of Angelmouse's wardrobe) and Tinka (ginger tabby with gorgeous markings, green eyes, normal cat size, likes to hide under the dining table). They're both neutered toms (so very cuddly!) and their previous owner's recently deceased wife got them from a rescue centre. We've been told they're both about four years old, although Tizzy has a few white hairs so we think he might be older.

    Tizzy has managed to get outdoors a couple of times but came back in voluntarily, so we think they've accepted us.

    Shame about the little kitten. I must admit, I had to put my foot down a couple of times in the past when Mr V-rap wanted to add to our feline offspring - ironic considering he hadn't wanted cats until we got one as a wedding present from a friend who breeds orientals and took its littermate for company. My sister and her husband have seven cats.
  • Oooh lovely V-Rap!! It's so satisfying when you 'rescue' them too isn't it!! Don't worry about their names - you know my pair have got strange names too - Sassy (real name Scorcese) & Shankley - previous owners must have been fans of Martin & Bill I s'pose! It's great that Tizzy came back when he got out though - it usually takes them a little while to get used to their new homes doesn't it - but yours seem to have settled in right away. When we first got our two (in April), we were told they were about 7-8 years, but we thought Shankley looked a lot older - however, since then he seems to have become a lot younger-looking for some strange reason (wish I knew his secret!). So glad you've got them! How have the children taken to them and they to the children? I've spent most of the afternoon at my neighbours looking for her cats! She has gone away for the weekend and left me her keys to feed her two cats, who are both very timid. I went over there and couldn't find them! Anyway, eventually found the boy UNDERNEATH the quilt in her bedroom - well I assume it was the cat - it was a very large lump in the middle of the bed..!, and the other one, a girl, was in the garden, but took one look at me and legged it over the fence! Guess who's gonna be out all night looking for her!!! Still haven't got my boys home... bloody cattery people still not in.. Grrrrr!!!
    Michelle x
  • Tizzy and Tinka have taken very well to Kevin and Angelmouse, but are a bit wary of Tinkerbell (who is slightly nervous about them as she's too young to remember when our other cats were young and playful) and Ivor (who is deeply offended). We're more worried that our next-door neighbour's stupid boxers will scare them. They're not unpleasant dogs, and are well fed, but they get shut out in the garden and never seem to get walked, and come through our hedge wanting to play. Mr V-rap has been dithering for weeks about whether a call to the RSPCA would be justified - personally, I think he should knock on the door and offer to walk the dogs!

    A friend of mine recently got a kitten and it escaped from the box during the journey home and disappeared through the footwell of her car - she ended up having to call someone from the AA to dismantle her new cabriolet to retrieve the kitten - which was fine, if terrified. I once looked after the same friend's rabbits and they escaped from their run in my garden. I found one, but the other still hadn't reappeared by nightfall. The next morning, after my friend and her children had been very ostentatiously forgiving and were loading the rabbit stuff into their car, a neighbour several doors along came down and asked if we had lost a rabbit - it had spent the night curled up in a pen with her ferret. Strange bedfellows!

    Maybe we should rename theis the CAt Club.
  • I keep telling you: Sassie isn't a strange name - just descriptive!

    Hope the pussies are home Michelle. I bet you can't settle without them.
  • Yeah, good idea V-Rap - maybe The Fat Cat Club? Talking of the RSPCA - I'm thinking about calling them too. Up the road to me, there is a beautiful Weinmaraner(sp?)puppy, and the poor thing is left in the garden all day long on it's own - just barking and whining and howling - why the owners are (presumbably) at work all day. It's just not fair is it. Have now located neighbour's missing cat.. when I went back in their house, she was waiting outside the back door. I let her in, went to feed her and noticed that there was a frog sitting in the cats water bowl!! Now, I don't remember seeing it earlier...so where has it come from and, how did it get in? Anyway, I put it outside and it happily hopped away! Also now have my lovely boys back home (I had to leave this half-typed to collect them and am now completing it at 10.20pm). Anyway, they are both fine, although Shankley has lost weight. Anyway, when I got to the cattery, they both pretended that they had never seen me before and shied away from me, struggling to get out of my arms.. lovely welcome! Anyway, once home, they have just strutted round all evening miaowing at the top of their voices as if they are being tortured.. they are still pretending that they don't know me...maybe they have given me the wrong cats.. Anyway, I'm off to bed now after this long, exhausting day! Night-night.
    Michelle x
  • Sassie - no, Sassie is a lovely name - it's the 'Scorcese' that's odd!!! Can go to bed in peace now my boys are ok!
    Michelle x
  • The Fit Fat Cat Club?

    Glad your neighbour's cats reappeared, Michelle. And I'm sure that by the time you read this your own cats will have stopped sulking and crept into your bed or directed you towards their food bowl.

    That's the cat bit. Fat? No, going to do so much today that the fat won't get a chance to settle. Fit - anyone who can run three miles at 7am is fit.

    Have a nice Sunday, everyone.
  • Have a fantastic run, EP. You'll sleep better before your next race! And you'll probably boot that 1:17 target into touch.

    I thought I wasn't anxious about the 5-mile race I ran recently, but two nights beforehand I had a surreal dream about turning up for the London Marathon in my clumpiest pair of work shoes, with no evidence that I had registered, and half an hour late ("but it doesn't matter cos you get an accurate start time anyway..."). It was so vivid that I had been awake for half an hour before my brain fully registered that this was not for real. Had a couple of less memorable race-related dreams in the past few days, probably related to the GNR. Suppose it's a healthy way of working through subconscious anxieties.
  • Hello all,
    V-Rap - my boys love me again! Think they have forgiven me for abandoning them to the cattery for a week! Neighbour's cats also alive & well..!! Still haven't run, as I've been parent visiting today and have only just got back - now I've got to go feed the neighbours cats/guinea pig and then have still got about 3 loads of holiday-washing to get through.. where does all my time go???
    Pixie - how did the 10K go??
    Michelle x
    PS - still too scared to venture onto the scales...
  • Well done, EP. If you run a race with someone, it's only polite to slow down to their pace, isn't it :-)

    What are you running in? If you have blister-prone feet, it's well worth checking out not only your shoes but also your socks.

    Enjoy your wine! And a little something to dunk in it. You've just run off about 700 calories so you have room for a treat - unless you and your friends headed straight to the coffee-and-muffin bar afterwards.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Well done Pixie! You well & truly deserve the wine... I have eaten lots of chocolate tonight - I have no excuse, other than I wanted it! Going to go running tomorrow and, like you Pixie, my healthy eating begins tomorrow. Going to bed now before I eat anything else..! Night all..
    Michelle x
  • Well done EP
    This is a personal best!!
    Food crap at hotel, and danced like an idiot for 3 hours, it was like 3 hours of aerobics
    Then visited my sister and persuaded her to deviate from the ATKINS diet, didnt take much
    Dont know if Ill be good tomorrow, another 56 hour on call Sigh
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