Practise DOES make perfect

YEO! As some of you may know, I'm in the middle of joining HM Royal Navy and with that, running is very important. You must do the 1.5 miler inside 11mins and 13 seconds. A few weeks ago I was hitting around 11:15 and 11:10.

Today I did the 1.5 miler in 10:55. Last week you guys suggested I add on an extra mile or so onto my run, so for the past week, I added an extra mile onto my run. So this is proof that increasing the distance does help you run harder for longer.

I could go for an easier option and go for army. Depending on regiment or Corps, gender and age, it can vary between 14 and 10 mins... lol but na. I will stick with navy. The Army had their chance. Only difference is army train longer where as navy cram all the stuff army do into 10 weeks.

So n e whoo, Thanks guys for your advice! Much appreciated


  • well done! keep increasing your distance, throw in some hills too, and you will be top of the class when you get in!

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