International Cycle Show

Anyone going along to this? I'm thinking of heading over there next Friday to oggle gorgeous models, trick bits and tight lycra.

More info at Cycle Show

Plus of course I'd be up for investigating the fine beverage selling hostelries to be found in Islington afterwards...


  • Love to go, but it's 200 blummin miles away. Grrr.

    Particularly like the shots of the pole dancing cyclists ? What's that all about ?

    And is the pole butted or double butted ?
  • lol - didn't take you long to find that one, cougie! just what sort of mind do you have?
  • Tee hee hee. Honestly !

    Have been to lots of the Bike'98 type shows before, but they seemed to just switch to full on MTB stuff with little road things.

    This one looks quite good. But I'd spend a fortune !
  • They are dangerous. I was down in Kent over the weekend and popped into an excellent chop in Tunbridge Wells selling Bianchi and Litespeed kit.

    God - WAS I TEMPTED!!! The Litespeed stuff is just beautiful - i'm not even sure I'd ride it; it'd just be hung over the fireplace as a work of art.
  • Mmm. Litespeed.

    I could nevr buy a Colnago or Pinarello. They are just too pretty to ride.

    I did have my new MTB in the living room for the first few weeks. It was v pretty !
  • All my bikes live in my house... on the walls as art forms when not being ridden!
  • Good idea Mmmm. Guess it makes you clean them as well !
  • Yeah we hang ours up too.

    Can't go to the show, I'm in Berlin that weekend. That will probably save me lots of money.

    Then again, maybe not, Berlin's not exactly the cheapest spot on earth!
  • too far souf
  • may have trip over as in London on the Sat anyway. (must not take credit cards, must not take credit cards)
  • Aw go on, you know you want to
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