Is there a product out there to stop stones getting in your shoes. I often have to stop to empty my trainers, just wondered if anyone else suffers from this and how they prevent it?


  • Gaiters.
  • Inov8 do some small lightweight gaiters - I have a pair that I think i've used once, I just tend not to worry about them, don't tend to suffer too much with the problem...

  • Cheers Lirish, oh to think of the blisters/rub i could have saved myself from over the years if i'd just asked sooner!
  • Get some from a running specific manufacturer rather than a kicking specific one, the gaiters will be cut differently and you'll save yourself some pain by getting the right ones straight away, as stated inov 8 or salomon both do very good lightweight, but not cheap, ones
  • Gutted i thought this was a thread about the mighty stones.

    Maidstone United, Come on you Stones!

  • Bugger, meant hiking specific in my post above
  • Google Inov8 debris gaiter. Only ??12 or so. That's fairly cheap I'd say...
  • Cheers for the replies, off shopping today for some Inov8 then off to the woods for a run =)
  • *Dill* wrote (see)

    Gutted i thought this was a thread about the mighty stones.

    Maidstone United, Come on you Stones!

    I thought Ronnie Wood had made the step to ultras! image

  • Only thing I'd say is that I find my feet get hotter with gaiters on (I think mine are the Innov8 ones). Hotter feet, sweatier feet, more chance for blisters. Used mine a few times and gave up. But annoying debris in trainers is rare for me - just felt that I wanted to try them.


    Just finished kit check for WhiteCliffs Challenge 52 tomorrow.

  • Might try mine again in winter time - just to see if they make any difference in mud etc. Have found that I only get the odd tiny stone in summer, and that's easily moved around in the shoe until it doesn't rub.

  • Gaffa tape your shoes to your socks.
  • Waiting for my inov8 to turn up as no one round here stocks them. I only wear road shoes so hopefuly overly hot feet shouln't be a problem.

    Gaffa tape could be the answer if the gaitors are rubbish
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