New Forest Middle Distance Tri

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Just me ?


  • Me too image Anyone commuting from Bournemouth. I'm planning to go Saturday morning, register, rack the bike, go back home, then leave Bth again at about 4.30 on Sunday morning. A friend has offered me a ride but if there is anyone going I would rather not make him get up that early and share a car with a fellow triathlete instead.

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    4:30 sounds about right, but I'll be approaching the start from the East not the West, sorry.

  • I'm in. Just reviewed your time from last yeat TR. Very tidy. Reckon you can improve on that sunday?

    It's my only longish tri of the year this year and I'm not expecting greatness due to not really structuring my training but looking forward to 'racing' anyway. Hope to be

  • imageDid that cut me off?


  • WTF is going on with this thead...

  • It looks like it's going to be a rainy day all the way through. What kind of clothes ru going to wear for the bike and run legs? It's my first tri ever so I'm curious.

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    Sweetfeet - thought I saw your name, I'll be seeing you sometime on the run if it goes like the Swashbuckler usually does. Havnt done any Tris this year at all so far after copping a virus in June/July so I'm a bit unsure how fit I am.
    I seem to remember finding this a bit harder than it usually does last year and had been hoping for a bit quicker, so I'd like to knock a few minutes off. BUT..........its going to be pretty windy and wet and most of those roads are pretty exposed to the wind, so it depends upon how long the bike takes.........and if the swim buoys are in the same place as last year.
    Should be great fun anyway, look out for ponies, donkeys, pigs and cows in the road. Someone ended up in hospital for ploughing straight into a cow 2 years ago. 

    PT - might need a cycle jacket for the bike and some gloves, if my hands get too wet/cold then I cant open gels etc.

  • Ru going to wear your trisuit/shorts&top under to wet suit or get changed after the swim?

  • TR - you may well get me before the end of the bike on this one! See you at some point hopefully not on the floor next to a cow!

    I looped the course last Sunday in normal bike top and it was lovely by 8am but this week is looking a bit different. I have arm warmers ordered if Wiggle deliver on time.

    PT - I'm planning on wearing tri top/shorts under wetsuit as normal.

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    Sweetfeet - I'll keep an eye out for you at registration and at the Lake, you should be in my wave as coffin dodgers and fillies go 2nd wave, although if its cold we'll all go at once.

    PT - I will wear tri top under wettie, but will put a cycling top over it to ride. I hate getting cold on the bike.

  • Well I didn't enjoy that morning in the New Forest. How I didn't jack that in on the bike I still don't know...

    TR you looked in great shape as you sailed past me on the run.
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    Sweetfeet - what a weather beating ! 20mins slower than last yr, but Richard said the swim was long and the bike went on forever in that weather. Managed to bag 13th overall and 1st V45 though.
    I was so cold at the end of the bike that I struggled to change shoes and had to get someone to undo my helmet strap. They stopped folks going out on the run course in the end as folks were being dragged off with hypothermia already !

    Tough day out, and yet the Forestman is double that !

  • Well done! It was tough indeed - true baptism with rain and wind for me. I had a nasty adventure around mile 7 on the bike (hit something hard lying on the road, which knocked the handlbar out of my hands for a scary second or two, and my tube burst after a hundred or so yeards on top of that) which cooled me down for the rest of the bike ride. It's only 100th place for me but I'm still happy. It was my debut in tri after all. 

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    well done Pawel, that was a tough race for a first Tri esp given the puncture too.

    Has it put you off doing another ?

  • Definitely not image Am thinking of the Forestman in June, which I think is doable. And I would like to do a half-ironman race with the run leg on the road. Any recommendations here?


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    The Swashbuckler at Bucklers Hard would be local ish for you. But its only a few weeks before the Forestman, so you might not want to do both. The Forestman run is off road, mostly on the middle part of y'days route. Sweetfeet has done the Forestman before, its supposed to be tough !

  • Pawel if you got through that you can get through Forestman. Well done for coping with a puncture too I may well have passed you and left an "unlucky mate" in your ear there were a few mechanicals on top of all the bailouts. At least we all got round and TR in podium-topping style too!!

    Yes FM run route is that middle up and down trail repeated four times I think with the run to and from SB where we finished yesterday. It was a scorcher when I did it in 2010 and I would much prefer that to the wind/rain of yesterday. You just need to expand your bike/run training to cope with the longer distances. Good luck if you do it.

    TR wants to join you he just hasnt mentioned that yet...

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    I do wonder about doing it sometimes, but double the swim would have me panicking and double the bike would have my back panicking ! That run from the ridge to the road after about 24M would be pretty tough too !

  • "If you build it high enough, you will never get over it"
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    ha ha, agreed. The whole point in doing Tri was that I was a panicky swimmer and didnt have a bike. I'd catch up a lot of places on that run course.

    I guess that long bike rides around all the other kids sports I'm involved in is the biggest stumbling block. I can blag VLM and 1/2 IM off a 3hr maximum training window of time.

    I'll see after Christmas, and decide wether to do VLM/Swashbuckler or VLM/FM.

  • TR, have you got a place in VLM secured?

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  • Good for you! I got the dreaded letter a few days ago so no VLM for me next year. I am thinking of doing one of the CTS races instead, to prepare better for the off-road section of the Forestman (which I have just entered image )

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    good man, that will motivate you to train over the winter. I'll hedge my bets for now and then decide upon Swashbuckler or Forestman. RNF run a marathon on the Forestman course in feb if you want to have a practice run !

    Luckliy I get a GFA VLM place, so already knew I was in.

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