Newline kit

Got a thread here on Gear too, but have noticed that Newline is v popular amongst our Triathlete fraternity.

Now where the heck do you get it from !?


  • from them direct...
    I have the website and phone no at home.. will get it for ya' and post it on this evening...
  • Doh !

    Cheers Matey - but they have just returned my call at last. Holiday season or summat.

    Oooh - new kit for meeee !
  • cool...
    (and its good stuff as well...) What ya' got?
  • Already got the RMC top and sprinty lycra shorts. Getting a new set of that - as I can run and bike pretty well in them.
    And a set of the indoor cycling kit too.

    Maybe Tri kit from them next year - who knows !?
  • Oooh.. Newline kit - I love it!

    'specially the waterproof windproof thermal tights with extra fleece on the bottom (it's a girl thing).

    What's the cycling kit like? I 'need' some more cycling shorts and I was thinking of getting some from Newline.
  • Their website doesn't seem to work though or it didn't last time I tried!
  • I've just tried it again and it works now, but you can't buy online. There is a search facility for finding outlets in this contry.
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