Hello...best training plans for a beginner?

Hello all...am a complete newcomer to the RW forum and a relative necomer to running (well i say 'running'...'plodding' is probably more accurate image )

anyway...after completing a 5k a few weeks ago, have entered my first 10k for november...now i'm not really sure how its best to approach training for this- was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for simple-idiot proof training plans that are also effective. the one i downloaded from the RW website made little sense if i'm honest...and then some of the others don't seem to be challenging enough. i'm concerned that i do need to build up mileage in terms of how long i can run for without stopping but also clearly would like to get a bit faster as well...any ideas?

i'd really love to have a go at a half marathon in the spring...but clearly need to see how the 10k goes first image


  • Have a search for a 5k to 10k plan - I've got one, but I can't find the damn link now.



  • Hello RR...whilst browsing some posts in here i came across MyASICS...have registered there for a plan which looks pretty straightforward to follow so will see how that goes...unless anyone has any better suggestions?

    another quick question...it was my birthday this week and i have some money to spend as a result...not sure whether to get myself some new trainers or some sort of watch? what do people think? image


  • As a beginner, I don't think you need a proper 'runners' watch yet - those things are damned expensive.  A simple stopwatch will suffice.  

    Have you got proper running shoes?  Actually, let's go a step back from that: have you had your gait tested (the way you run) at a running shop?  They will be able to tell you the 'type' of shoe you need - get the wrong type and you can be setting yourself up for injury. image  Still, seems you've been going a bit without any major problems, so I don't think you've just been running in any old pair of trainers, which is a recipe for disaster. image  Having a gait test can't hurt though. 

    As far as getting faster is concerned, I've always read that intervals are the best way to do that.  

    Actually, what I might do is see if I've got my old plans on my PC and upload them. image

  • yes do have some super duper trainers- i pronate quite badly and went to a running shop and they suggested some brookes ones with the footarch thingy in them...however they are a bit old and knackered- have used them on and off for a few years now...i do have a HRM somewhere but i think that the battery died. might see if it can be mended- seem to recall that i had to send it off to polar last time- but again was a few years back when i was actually vaguely fit image


  • MyASICS sounds like a really good way to go - given the plan is straight from Asics, it might be better than anything you find online. image  Once I'm done with my 5k to 10k plan, I might get one sorted out for 10k to 15k.  15k was my maximum before a knee problem I picked up almost a year ago now.  Now, I'm approaching 10k again, but I had to start from scratch, which was damn annoying.

    Be careful about using running shoes that are too old, as the cushioning could've gone.  If you want new shoes, Sports Direct is a great place to get them, they've always got some mad sale on! image  Don't go to them for advice though - go to a specialist running shop.

  • argh...that is annoying i bet having to start from scratch again image  i am very much an 'all or nothing' person and setbacks like that really knock me! have a wedding to go to this weekend but will take self and birthday money to the running shop next week i think and get some new shoes! image

  • I'm doing a 0 to marathon plan in 22 weeks via asics so i'm a big fan 3 and a half weeks to go image  dong a 32km run this weekend.

    If you don't have trainers i recommend starting with trainers, it's pointless having a great watch, but having crippled feet so you cannot run.  I've gone with asics shoes in honour of using their website image

    Asics GT-2170 for me.  Seem fine so far image

    I have a snazzy watch as well, which is great fun Garmin 610, and I love it, but seriously without the trainers it's pointless having the watch.

  • OMG... 0-marathon in 22 weeks?!!! you are mental... image wish i had that level of determination! where is your marathon? would love to do a marathon one day (really ust to prove to self that i could physically do it if nothing else) but that will be a long way off i think!

    glad to hear that the asics plan is working for you! i sat last night and plotted a few routes i could do in my area of varying lengths so am feeling quite inspired. am on for a 5 mile 'jog' at 5.30 am tomorrow- hopefully will be feeling inspired when the alarm starts bleeping! image

  • Leicester 14th October.

    I'm spending the last three weeks, going between excitement and pure terrorimage

    Running is rather addictive!
  • well fingers crossed for you for 3 weeks time! image (and to think i was getting a bit stressed about a measly 10k in november...)

  • Hehe, no distance is better than another, it's all down to the individualimage it can be harder to take 5m off a 10k time then do a mara.
  • hmmmmm...i think that's you just trying to con yourself there.... image

  • Hey Sorry to gatecrash your thread Just im planning to do my 1st 10k in November to. Gonna get some running shoes from a running shop with my birthday money at the end of the month. Am sure all will be fine but nervous as hell they will think im a right div. Hoping for the half in may and full marathon before im 36 so will give me a year Just over :/ need to do some serious training soon even with everything else what is going on in my life atm. Find that running is keeping me calm and saine

  • oooh sounds like we are in a similar boat michaela! am just about to head out and do 5 miles with the dogs...not really looking forwards to it but sure i'll be fine once i get moving! image

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