Cornish Marathon

O.K. chaps. East Cornwall Harriers think that this "proper" road marathon is probably one of the toughest on the U.K. circuit. We reckon it knocks the Snowdonia into a cocked hat. O.K. so the Snowdonia has a long hill after a flat start, but after 4 miles you get a nice long rest for the next 9 or so. We admit that Waen Fahr? is a bit steep, but from 9 to 22 it's gently undulating!
The Cornish is pretty steeply uphill from the start for 2 miles or so, followed by about the same disrance respite. Then comes the ups and downs leading to Bodmin Moor & the Jamaica Inn (ooh arr Jim Lad!)
The next 6 miles down the Fowey Valley are bliss, apart from being nackered by the previous hills. Then comes the indignity of the climbs back up to Minions. Thankfully, like Snowdonia, the last couple of miles are mostly downhill but, similarly, a bit too steep for weary legs in places. The REAL CORNISH PASTY and other free refreshments at the finish are bliss, except that you have to walk up another steep, but short, hill to the community hall to get them.

I could be a bit biased, as our club organises the race and my husband has run both, several times.
As for the likes of The Isle of White, Potteries, etc., they're just kids play.

I'd be interested to hear other peoples comments, especially the Welsh Boyoos.


  • As one of thirty odd who completed an unofficial Snowdonia on Sunday through a 6" river and in somewhat windy conditions, I suspect that the two come 1st equal. I ran with Annie [from Cornwall] and will under her persuasion be down to try out the Cornwall route on the Sunday.

    If the route is similar, then the Cornish Pasty MUST swing it :-)
  • Well done on completing the Snowdonia, Charles. I had stayed the night before in Llanberis and was due to run, but wasn't as brave as you! I hope no trees fell on you on the way round as it was hard enough trying to drive out of Snowdonia on the morning. As I had lots of sponsorship riding on me I have entered the Cornish as a replacement and as an added challenge I live quite a way off in lancashire so I am looking forward to the route. We're not afraid of hills here in the frozen north!!
  • ...and all the lovely marshalls! See you there Charles.
  • Done both versions of the Cornish Marathon, not that difficult !
    My last Marathon (at the end of an Ironman in France)was a tougher course than the Cornish - a 3 lapper with a hill like the one at 19ish miles in the Cornish on each lap, plus others!
    Was going to do Snowdonia this year but got injured after doing Llanberis half ironman.
    As for the Potteries done 2:45 on that!
  • Still reckon the CP is the attraction..... Oh, AND the marshalls ;-)
  • I am only coming for the pasty but if there are lovely marshalls out there I just might go around again.
    (in my dreams)
  • When the going gets tough the tough get going.I've run both cornish marathon courses and snowdonia.The original duchy also had a reputation for its toughness.I think they all have their own individual challenges.It's worth running the cornish to hear co-race director 'Hilary'
    encouraging you has she drives around the course.
    To all those running next weekend have a good one.
  • Lets hope the weather is good too. The moor is splendid when there is clear skies.
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