...only nutters need apply...

There's been the odd post on adding swimming and cycling to running and trying a tri - I found this article whilst skimming tri websites and made me laugh out loud. Is rather an amusing insight into participating. For those interested:


...though I wouldn't personally advise making the first attempt a half-ironman - that would be akin to training for a marathon as your first competitive running race...


  • Brilliantly written, weel worth a browse eg

    "Someone has stolen my legs and replaced them with my Grandmothers. Feet are totally numb, like blocks of ice, and legs feel like I'm giving Jeff Capes a piggy-back. Weave back and forth across road at about two miles per hour with all the style and grace of an incontinent rambler. Backside feels like Black and Decker have been using it to test power sanders. This is not good. This is not good at all."

  • I feel like that most days
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