Target: London Marathon 2013

Hi, thanks for looking at my thread. This is my story......

I'm a beginner. what I mean by that, is that I don't really run. I used to hate it when football training but now that I don't play that anymore, I have never felt like going out on the road for miles on end, just running. Until, my wife had an ectopic pregnancy earlier in the year and it was all a bit of a shock. Not only because of what happened but I suddenly found myself putting on an old pair of trainers and going out for a run. I did 10k! once I'd got over the shock of that, I was going out more and more. Before I knew it i was going out 3 times a week. It helped me get over it and put what had happened to my wife to the back of my mind and not think about anything. 

I was reading from the ectopic pregnancy trust website also, which answered a load of my questions. and helped my wife and I come to terms with what had happened. I then thought about raising some money for them. They had helped me, so I thought I could help them.

But now...

I don't really know what I've let myself in for. I've signed up for the London Marathon next year.  As I said, I'm a beginner. I know nothing about running or anything, other than I have a good pair of trainers now, I lace them up and I go out for a while. I am reading lots of threads and messages and things on the net. Which I have found to be a great help. If a litlle confusing!!

I've started a plan of running 3-4 times a week. Gradually, increasing my distance up to the event itself. I want to finish, time, I have found to be unimportant (yeah right! my work colleagues would love me to a, not finish or b, get a poor time!) so I'd like to get under 4 hours. But that seems like such a long time to run at the moment.

The aim of this thread is to keep me going. If I write a diary type thing then it's added pressure and incentive for me to get off my arse and get out there, like sooo many of you do, every day.

So if you're interested in knowing what I'm up to. read on. I hope you can relate to it or use it for your yourself, in some way. But any help or advice would also be greatly appreciated!

I don't even know what I'm going to write about yet! But I guess we'll see how it goes!?


Apologies for the rambling or the poor grammer,punctuation or spelling in advance.




  • I think its a really good idea to write it all down as you are right,it will keep you going. I completely understand the running to cope with things. Do you have a Charity place or are you like me and awaiting the decision through Ballot.

    My main advice would be to make sure you have the right running shoes. There are lots of training plans around and you will find one to suit you.


  • oooh good luck image very sorry to hear about the reasons behind your run...but i think that its really great that you have (perhaps inadvertently) turned it into a positive...sure that someone more knowledgeable than me will be along with some proper advice shortly! look forwards to hearing all about your progress image

  • iv just downloads oasic training plan which starts nov up to race day. I be running 3 times a week. Its free and iv alredy pinned it onto my wardrobe so my partner will force me to run on those days it says especially on the cold dark days that are in very near future.

    Im waiting on my 4th attempt at the ballot but if i dont get into london its edinbrough for me as joints are starting to say no to long distance running. either way i be running a full for the local charity that helps me with my autistic son. good luck with everything and hope it helps

  • I find getting a gps watch helps with motivation.  Every run, or cross training session gets logged on the website.

  • tinker taylor- be careful to build up gradually, then when you get to about 20 weeks before the race, pick out a trainig programme that stasrts at the poit you've already rached- ie, if by early dec, you're doing 25 miles per week, 4 days per week, and have manged a longest run of 10 miles, - find a plan where this is the start point. Start your trainig plan 1-2 weeks ahead of schedule,to allow for the inevitable disruptions where life gets in the way of trainig.

    Whilst you are building up, there's an argument for "base building" -ie doing all your runs at very slow pace, to allow you to build mileage with minimal  risk of injry, however, you might also want to do just one shorter faster run per week, to build up a bit of sppeed, and you may also find entering a couple of local races useful to get used to a race day routing- although nothing can prepare you for a massive event like london. PErhaps a large local half in early spring would be a good idea- even some autumn 10k's as well.

  • Good luck, just remember that you are bound to get some sort of small nightly injury so expect to have a couple of weeks out at some point so if you can maybe plan to have your long runs done slightly early by a couple of weeks as you gave so long to prepare, that way can still catch up if anything happens.
  • it sounds like you have made a good start already. Base building now will help you no end in the long term. There are loads of schedules around, if you start researching now you should find one that would work around your family life.

    Probably the most important thing at the moment would be to work out with your partner when you can train.

    Try looking at Shades thread. Her plan has worked really well for me.

  • Thank you all so much for posting on my thread. Not only am I new to all this running lark, I'm a techno-phobe and dont know what I'm doing here either!

    But your words of wisdom aren't falling on deaf ears and it's nice to know people are reading my ramblings! 

    I have been going on a couple of runs this week. It started at the weekend with a 'parkrun' a free 5k weekly race. I didn't do too badly. 26.20.

    Then today I ran another 5k, it torrential rain and alone. 27.30

    What a difference it makes when you are with people. I may have to think about that when training really kicks in!

    The aches and pains are gradually reducing and so far I'm still energised to continue. (I know it's only been a week!)

    Eckytump: My running trainers are the nike zoom structure +15. Which now that I've run them in, feel really comfortable. and I have a golden bond place at the mo, as I'm running for charity, but can use my ballot place if I'm successful. Good luck with your entry though.

    Lisa wallis: I have still entered the ballot for the marathon, so we'll wait and see if I get a place that way. Then someone else can have my golden bond place and I can raise more money. Good luck with your ballot place too. Apparently, it takes 6 entries to get a place. so hang in there. 

    surrey runner: Thanks for the tip about gps. I have bought the nike+ sensor watch and use the iphone app. but it seems that they do the same thing! but at least I don't have to lug the phone around when i don't have music.

    I have been looking and reading a lot of programmes etc. A lot of research I'm sure is needed, not only for me to finish but also so that it doesn't hurt too much!

    Right, that's it for now...I'm off to sign up for some races for before the main one.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Thanks Tinkertaylor. I really hope I get in. I am hoping to do it with a Giant Teddy that I had donated. Sadly my Charity doesn't do places as yet which is something we are working on. Well done on the Park Runs too,wow that's fast for me.

  • Eckytump. Did you get into the marathon? I didn't through the ballot, so I'll have to use the charity place, which was my first choice anyway. Can you do other races to raise money for your charity?

    Having read your profile, just wanted to say I'm sorry to hear about your loss.



  • Hi Tinkertaylor no sadly I got the rejection magazine  although I may have a second chance at London through my local Running club.

    Thanks too. Like you I ran to ease the pain of loss and the shock of the situation. I do lots of runs as I fund raise all the time and am always raising awareness,hence why London would be the best choice. I have done the GNR twice and got some fab publicity from that which is good. I have had a lot of amazing support from here too and on the 21st Oct I am doing the Abingdon Marathon with some of the guys from the Forum.

  • My 4th rejection so off to Edinburgh for my first full. Do U have sweatshop near U as they do a free running club. I attend mine.
  • Hi

    Like you I am a beginner, and never liked running I used to do martial arts to keep fit years ago, I had skin cancer and had a hole cut in my leg years ago which put a stop to any form of exercise, I have secured a ballot place and need to get into training, I have to try to get my head in the right place and find the motiation but know it will be hard as I have not done any form of exercise fo years, any hints or tips would be great

  • hello I am Kay and have got a ballot place also a non runner with a spanking new pair of trainersIhave done 5k off the bat so to speak although it takes me forever (about twice what you ran). Looking forawrd to following your thread. I am starting with working on doing any activity for four hours! I did a three hour walk yesterday and hurt my heel (should have worn my trainers !!!)

  • p.s. love that you run to cope with loss, even though I have a ballot place I am running for tommy's baby charity after 6 pregnancies I finally got me two of the most beautiful children known to man x

  • Hello Tinkertaylor.  Have just found your posts after looking on the EPT website.  I tried to get in to the London Marathon through the normal ballot but no luck unfortunately.  Just wanted to know whether you got a place by running for the EPT or through the normal ballot?  If I'd got in I wanted to raise money for the trust (having had 3 ectopics myself) so interested to see how you got your place.  I too am a very, VERY slow beginner but everybody has to start somewhere don't they?  Good luck and hope to hear from you soon.

  • Hi x I'm a newbie too. Won a ballot place in the London marathon first time trying, never thought that would happen! So now I'm starting from zero and working my way up. Some days I feel quite confident but others I think I'm crazy! X
  • Tinkertayor,

    i read your posts and you're me.

    first marathon. new to runnning. doing it for a personal cause.

    and a pair of nike structure 15s. lol....

    keep up the good work. i'll see you there.

  • I just wanted to pop on here to say although I didn't get into London through Ballot I may still get in through my local Running club. I did however run my first ever Marathon yesterday at Abingdon and I am on such a high. I know a Marathon is a Massive thing but the emotions behind it are huge. For all those first timers,you will love it. I do reccomend lots of training though and try and do a couple of 20 milers in training before the day. I only managed 18.5 and I wish I had done more.

  • Hi, everybody. Thanks for reading on. Although, I have been a bit quiet on here. I don't intend to be, just amazing how quick time goes by.

    I'll answer questions and stuff in a bit, but first a little update....

    I have entered a few races in the build up to London. Brighton 10k on the 18th Nov. Double my usual race, as I do the local parkrun 5k, I'm hoping to be ok. plus this ties in with my programme almost exactly, so looking forward to that. Does that make me sound sadistic? the other 2 are in the new year, Brighton Half marathon in Feb and the Eastbourne half in March.

    Training-wise, things are going ok. I have been 3-4 times a week. Ranging from 4miles to 10k. as this was the distance I have been running anyway I carried on just getting used to the regime of fitting in my runs to my hectic life. Now it's time to start this regime I've found. Which gradually picks up the distance each week. We'll see how it goes.

    Can't recommend stretching enough. My knees hurt after longer runs, not so much hurt more of an ache. Keep telling myself to "STRETCH!" and have gone off treadmills, I used one at work for a bit, which resulted in shinsplints. Not too bad but enough to know not to use that bloody machine again!

    on the plus side, it does seem to be getting easier. So to everybody else, Stick with it!

    Answers to posts:

    Hi Lisa, There is a sweatshop in Brighton, but that's 30 miles away so looking for a closer running club to maybe join. on your advise, thanks, I didn't think about that!

    Hi Kay, Congratulations on the ballot, your kids and running for a charity, that's great for you. Keep wearing your trainers, is my tip. They get more comfy after a while and my feet don't hurt now.

    Hi Grace, I got a place through cRUNch, they help the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust with getting runners for them etc. Although I entered the ballot, which I was unsuccessful, I got a place from them to help raise some money for them. Maybe if you email them or the EPT, they can get you a place too? Sorry to hear about your loss too. Can't imagine going through that 3 times. How did you find this blog on the EPT website?

    Hi Rachel, I find it best to be confidently crazy!! Keep going.

    Hi sofaboy, keep up the good work. Nice to know my twin is out there too! Do you have the nike sensor in your shoe?

    Hi ecky, Let me know if you do get a place for London, however you do it. how did Abingdon go? 

  • Does anyone have the Nike sensor in their trainer?

    Mine seems to be loose when I'm running. Is that usual?


  • It was brilliant and went really well. I wouldn't say I broke any records but I made some fab new friends and raised a tonne of Dosh for my Charity so its all good. I will let you know when I find out. I have to take my rejection letter in tomorrow night so fingers crossed.

  • nike sensor? as far as i was aware the structure was just a shoe that's comfy for me that happens to be in a nice subtle grey and yellow. don't know anything about sensors and the like.

    Tinker and Kay, i've set up a thread for us first timer VLMers if you want to come visit. the chairs are comfy, the kettle's always on and there may even be cake if you're lucky.

  • Did someone say Cake.image

  • well there is some cake, but it's really for us newbies. although you have only just done your first marathon so maybe we'll put a slice aside for you.

  • *Sniffs* Awwwwww Thanks Sofaboy.

  • bringing happiness to the world through the medium of baked confectionery.

  • You could have been part of Cake Runners AC.

  • Hi all, if anybody's still out there.

    I completed my first real race last week. Brighton 10k and think I did ok, finished in 49mins. Managed to keep to my pace and not get pushed/dragged along.

    My other runs so far are going ok too, I feel I can complete my long runs and go further, which is reassuring as I'm still nowhere near the full 26.2 miles yet!

    This week I have the plan is 4 runs, as always, but 5 miles, 6 miles, 4 miles then my long run which is 12 miles. with a days rest in between.

    How is everyone else doing? Are you keeping to your training plan?

    Speak soon


  • morning mate.

    a 49min 10K isn't to be sniffed at. that's what i did on my first one as well.

    my training plan has taken a bit of a hit since my first 1/2, sunday before last. recovery is taking a while, not helped by being a bit under the weather.

    good luck on that 12 miler.sub 2 hour?

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