Target: London Marathon 2013



  • I'm in VLM 2013 too and I've been working up some base mileage and done 3 Halfs in the last 3 months. Never really run before the last 6 months, but pleased with progress. Managed a 1.50 last time out, so now planning to progress my training.

    Been looking at nutrition, clothes, hydration, plans, technology etc etc - loads going on.- blimey !!!

    I'm running the GRIM on Saturday, 8 miles in mud and ice !! - all good (they tell me)image

  • Morning

    Wow 49 mins is brilliant. I have never got under 53.

    I had confirmation of my place last night through my Running club so am very Bouncy today and sooooo excited to be finally doing London. I will be running with a Giant Teddy strapped to my back to raise awareness of my Charity. It was donated by a Volunteer at my club but I cant raffle it  off as its 40 years old and before safety regs. I will have to start practising with it soon.

    Rattler GRIM certainly does sound a toughie.

  • practicing with a massive teddy bear on your back? that'll be interesting.

    actuall, i've thought that about the rhino guys before. for a few months of the year are there enormous fake rhinos runnning through villages and towns in prep for london?

  • I have wondered about that myself. They must practice at some point in costumes. It will be great for awareness while training. I can entertain the local Yoofs image

  • you might find yourself running a damn sight quicker as well. lol...

  • Being chased could be good for my endurance image

  • Merry Christmas and Happy new year everyone!

    How's the training going? It certainly has been difficult with the snow but I have been getting out there at least!

    Just about going out every other day, doing 3 shorter runs but 1 long run a week. doing about 12 miles on my long runs, which is taking about 1hour 35mins.

    Will be planning on at least one 20 miler before the big one though!

    Is anyone else going to the meet the experts day in London next Saturday?

    Anyone doing the Brighton Half next month?

    What about Hastings and Eastbourne in March?


    Good luck. hope to see you soon. 



  • hello everyone, I got home in 2.29 for a half marathon today and my new shoes held up really well why my second toes went numb is beyond me !

  • Hi Kay,

    Thats a good time for your half marathon, Well Done!

    I found that my toes went numb with new trainers too, I tried tying them a different way. I was tying them @normally@ only going through top hole and tying in a bow.

    I tried; going out of the 2nd hole then in the top hole, kind of adding a bite to the lace. then tied in the normal way, in front of the tongue. The bite in the lace takes the strain, and the bow just uses up the lace, so it's not flapping round.

    Ive done this with both my running shoes, and it seems to have worked.

    I hope it works for you.

    Got another half marathon on sunday. anyone doing Eastbourne half?


  • Got my race number today!

    Sooo looking forward to this sunday.

    Good luck everyone!!

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