'Sticky' hip flexor

Hi All,

I've noticed a bit of a niggle in my left hip flexor recently, which was exacerbated after a circuits class 2 days ago during which I did about 8 minutes total (spread out during the hour class) of 'mountain climbers'   (just in case anyone is unfamiliar with them -www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyeZM-_VnRc )

It felt quite sore the next day, but the pain has gone today. Pain was just in muscle connecting top of thigh to body, no pain in the joint, and it was fairly localised - no pain in ITB or quad muscles. 

However, the 'sticky' feeling is still there - it almost feels like my hip flexor wants to ping off to the left but has got stuck on something.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Could it just be that I need to stretch my hip flexors more, or does it sound more sinister?

Obviously, I'll avoid the mountain climbers for a while but it seems odd that it's only on the left side image

Thanks for your help!


  • Hi xine267

    I recall having a similar ache many years ago also on my left. I associated it with extending my long training runs in preparation for my first marathon. 

    Since my long run was only once a week I was giving it some comparative rest while doing shorter distances during the week. I simply persevered  and after a while it eventually went away. I assumed it was something like poor leg strength or strain. The onset was usually towards the end of my long run when I was getting tired and could hardly lift my legs.  Normally I rested next day and was OK until my next long run.

    Some years later a physio mentioned that one leg was slightly shorter than the other. I really have no problems with this but it is evident in the wear pattern on the soles of my running shoes.

    If your circuits and/or mountain climbers are something new I suggest continuing but not as vigorously for a while. Perhaps you were enjoying yourself too much too soon!

  • Hi Marten,

    Thanks for the response, I've booked an appointment with physio for tomorrow so he'll be able to tell me if I've got leg length difference or anything like that.

    We had a quick chat on the phone though and he said those mountain climber exercises basically just work the hip flexors, so not really surprising that mine are aching afterwards as I already know they are tight!

    I'll tone it down a bit in circuits or ask for a substitute exercise when we do that image
  • xine267, hope it was good news.

  • Hi, how is your hip now xine267?  I just saw this thread and have exactly the same issue... originally thought it was a groin strain but a physio seemed to think it was my hip flexors.

    Gentle running (max 5K) feels fine and now I only get pain and/or discomfort when I do mountain climbers or core excerises involving leg raises from the floor.  Stretching seems to make it worse.....

    Would love to know how you got on!!

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