Macclesfield 1/2 Marathon

Finally decided to try a 1/2 marathon and although I have been steadily out on the streets running at different distances, I have only really given myself 3 weeks to get ready for it.

I am slightly nervous about doing it although I know I will be able to get round. I have been doing alot of 5k sprints, 10k runs and a weekly 15k run.

As it is fairly hilly I know I am not going to geta great time as I am not really a "climber" so I will be digging in.

I would like to get a sub 1hr40 finish but we'll see! Its always hard judging pace etc until you get experience of running at particular distances.

Any advice what to do the week before the race? Light training to top up (as all of the hard work should of already been done)? Or one last long run coupled with shorter ones?

If I survive I will post my time and thoughts!


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