the year ahead

I want to focus on a series of 10k races next year(March,June,August) and a 10 mile in September. Looking for some thoughts on preparation over the coming months; only have time for 3 runs a week and maybe some cross training.



    Build up your base mileage slowly. Don't worry about doing any speed work / intervals until you've reached your weekly goal mileage.

    If you are already at a reasonable base mileage and want to focus more on what sort of work you need to do there are a number of threads in the training section with knowledgable and friendly folk that will be able to advise.

    If you have access to a track it makes life easier though you can measure out an approximate distance on the roads if there's a local estate or park to run around.

    If you are only doing 3 runs a week then you may want to look at a training programme that allows for different runs on a rolling week basis. Closer to your races you will need to focus on speed work like intervals and the such.

  • Thanks for the advice, will have a look at the info in the thread you attached.

  • That's a long racing season to maintain form over, IMHO. I would use the March one to just shake the cobwebs off, if you try to in peak shape in March you may be finding it hard by September. image

  • Running 3 times per week + cross training = FIRST training plan (furman institute). Worth a look. All 3 weekly running sessions would be intense:

    Interval session

    Tempo session

    Long run (run quicker than a tradition plan typically would be.)

    + 2 cross training sessions (non weight bearing) such as bike, swim or row replace easy/recovery runs.

    Worth a look if running 5 or 6 times per week doesn't fit with lifestyle, or ability to recover
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