So I've completed my race! What next?

I started running in march and follwowed a training plan to complete the Great North Run this sunday just gone. I finished in 1:41 which i was very pleased with for a first attempt but i don't know what to do now? My next confirmed event is the Silverstone Half in March where I would hope to significantly improve upon my time.

Looking at intermediate/improver training plans online they all seem to start at quite a low mileage. Do i want to start one of these and gradually build back up or should i continue with the long distance runs I am currently doing?


  • You could try Smartcoach which allows you to plug in various variables and gives you the bones of a schedule to adapt as you see fit. One of the useful features of this is that if you choose 'maintenance' programme, the mileage doesn't increase over the weeks as it would in a targeted schedule.

    When you are ready to start a race focussed programme, I recently used a Runners World sub 1:40 Garmin schedule which started with a mileage of around 30mpw. If you are aiming for a significantly quicker time then might want to increase some of the interval paces.
  • Answered my own question.

  • Well, you may well have answered your own question, but here's my thoughts.

    You should start by looking at yourself, and thinking about the type of person you are.  Are you the sort of person who has to follow a strict programme, or are you the sort who can look at a few programmes, distill principles and then do your own thing.

    Secondly, 6 months is a long time to prepare for one race - most plans are 12-16 weeks. What do you want from your running in the meantime? You could just do a more relaxed period of continuing to build aerobic base fitness with just general runs because you enjoy it. Or you could set an intermediate goal - say a fast 10k around January, or take part in a cross country league.

    I don't like a strict regime, so in your position, I would probably cut back a little, focus on speed for a bit, with a few parkruns, and a 10k around New Year, and then start to build for the half from a really good base then.

  • Google parkrun. 5k free racing on your doorstep. Keep up the base work plenty of races throughout the autumn/winter.

    Well done for your GNR time. Good job!
  • DA
    The simple answer?
    Enter another race. Anything you like, but just shell out some ackers and it will focus the mind.

  • Thanks for guys! Im gonna join a running club and get into cross country for winter methinks!


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