Started running....I think I'm addicted.



  • I know. I ran again today. Did 5k yesterday and about the same today. Was a little stiff in the legs to start with but soon loosened up. A colleague is going to come for a run outside tomorrow (at a snail's pace, I've warned her!).

    Yes, info is limited, but I'm sure it'll be fun nonetheless.

    10 miles?! Wow! Good luck. I'm nowhere near that yet. Let me know how it goes once you do get out there.

  • Will need it I think ! But will slow right down and see what happens..image The thing is you never really know how you feel on the day - sometimes it's without effort other days it's a real struggle - let me know how the snail run goes !

  • First 20 minutes are the worst, then you settle into a bit of a rhythm. Will let you know how it goes.

    This thread has gone very quiet. Shame.
  • That's the way threads go m8,there's only so much to say on certain subjects.Why don't you try starting a new thread about improving your distance or speed.

  • Fair point, BCB. I might just do that...


  • Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to running too & would love to know how to improve on my time!! I've done two half marathons this year at a very slow 2hrs 46. Its a good starting point though I suppose and just goes to show you can do it if you build up slowly, in my case very slowly!! Good luck with your 10 miles xx
  • Hi all i only been running for about 9 weeks in all did 5 wks on readmill but only 1 day a wk then started to run outside and hoy boy it was hard, i was doing 2m on treadmill no probs but on the road i drop at 1m.  now doing better did my first 10k run last sunday 21st oct..  i was bit slow but got a time of  1:09  and now can't wait for my next run and hopeing to bet my time I'm age 41. tbh 9 weeks back i didet think i do a 10k image

  • Went for a slow 5 miler today, which turned into 10k. I wanted to see if I could do the full 10 before the race next month just to give myself a confidence boost. Very slow, very steady, but did it in 71mins and I had plenty left in the tank so I'm hoping to get nearer the hour mark when I do race. It's just nice to know that I reach the distance pretty comfortably. A good day.
  • Uggh... finished 13 miles - two hours 16.5 mins.. was fine to 8/9 miles then it got harder ! Well done Littlehelen, Wolfy and Jae ! Is anyone doing the Poppy HM on the 11th (Bexhill) ? I just hope it's warm dry and the wind changes direction every half hour or so - 4 laps to complete but flat at least.

  • Wow Peter, that's a great time!

    I have had a couple of rubbish runs recently, not sure if anyone else has experienced those yet? Last Saturday went on a 'long' run, which was rather curtailed by most of the footpaths that I planned to run on being shut by the NT for some reason (on the beautiful Stackpole Estate, Pembrokeshire), and I just couldn't seem to get into any sort of rhythm, ended up doing 4 miles, but walking too much of it. This had been preceded by a solo 3 miler where I went out much much too fast and ended up completely knackered by the end of it.

    Anyway, undeterred, I stuck to my 'plan' (running three times a week wherever possible), went out with the beginners group on Monday night, and it was great! Settled into an easy pace, covered 4 miles, and could have gone further. I suppose it's like anything, we'll have good days and bad ones.

  • If it's any consolation, Tina, I've had a few bad ones too - the sort of runs that make you think you might not be up to the task. Heavy legged, too slow, tired and covering very little distance. Hate those type of runs. I guess the great thing about running, though, is that you can just go out the next day and try again. Thankfully.

  • Back on the treadmill at lunch today. 5k - not my best run, but it ironed out the creases after Sunday. I think I've actually got to the stage where I need to run and if I don't my day feels incomplete. I make sure I have two days rest a week, but on the other days I need the fix. It's unbelievable. I thought I'd have tired of it by now, but here I am, six weeks after starting this thread, 11 weeks after taking my first tentative steps. If anything, I am even more enthused than I was six weeks ago. Joy!

  • yup, me too! Missed two runs last week as knee playing up, and was a right grumpy old woman! Back out tonight with beginners, 3.8 miles and smiling again image

  • Amazing, isn't it? Back in July I was well overweight and a bit miserable. Now I'm always thinking about my next run and how to improve. Have a great run tonight.

  • Hi !

    Thanks for the kind words Tina ! Hi Jae and everyone. Did not think my time was brilliant but pleased to do what I had to do, so to speak ! Ran a terrible 5k Parkrun on Saturday image two minutes slow which is a lot. Left leg needed stretching so splashed out on Physio yesterday - have been given excercises to do daily image which I will stick to ! As you say, you get good days and bad.. next run about 9/10 miles no more at end of the week. It's going to be wet and windy - nice ! Get very moody now if I don't run - isn't that odd ?

  • I've not gone for a planned run tonight as think I'm coming down with a throat infection, desperate to go out tho!! I definitely know what you mean about being addicted, think I've over done it a bit and now body is rebelling!! Feel very guilty but am doing as hubby says and taking a bit of a break!! Hope you all enjoy your runs this week, very jealous!! Xxx
  • Hey, Littlehelen28

    I had a throat infection a couple of weeks ago. It dragged on for days and turned into a head cold. Hopefully this won't happen to you, but do take a break. You'll feel better for it. When I returned to running after 10 days' out I found I hadn't lost anything really in the way of fitness, so don't worry about any of that, just rest and get better. You'll be out again before you know it.

  • Get well soon, Littlehelen28 ! Do take it easy for a while - you won't really lose fitness but rest is important ! Sound like a doctor now, oh dear...  image 

  • Ah thank you!! I'm not that bad so itching to get out!! Hopefully won't lose too much fitness & will give me chance to get my park run barcode printed off & give it a go when I feel better, just hope I'm not last :0/ xx
  • Bloody hell Jae wasn't quiet for long!Perhaps everyone was out running.Well done on the 10k effort mate


  • Yep - I'll put it down to everyone getting some serious running in. Thanks, mate.

  • Ok, ok - so it was on the treadmill and therefore doesn't quite count in the same way that running outside would, but I ran my best 5k today - under 30 mins (would have been faster but I started slowly). Also got my mileage down to 8.49 per mile. This is quite a drop from my usual plodding at over 10 mins.

    The reason for the change was the higher turnover rate of my legs. I was running at around 160 per minute before but today I ran at 182. The thing is, I didn't up the speed of the treadmill, I just ran faster on it (if that makes sense).

    Anyway, it felt great, very comfortable and as for the endorphins after. Best drug there is!

    Obviously, I'm cautious and there may be a few words of warning on here, but today is still a good day.

  • U think your slow, I was chuffed I managed 4 miles all at just under 11 minutes each!!! I am a midget at 5ft tho - well that's my excuse lol ;0) xx
  • Apologies for the awful grammar, just noticed :0/
  • My excuse is I'm overweight and 38 next week. Not much of an excuse, but I'm sticking to it. Besides, you're not slow - this is the first time I've managed this pace. When I run tomorrow I may not even manage a 12 minute mile. Hope not, though.

  • Under 11 minutes per mile is fine... In no time you be sub-ten ! For long runs, over 8 miles, say, doing about 10.2 minutes per mile - not fast by any means. getting nervy now waiting for HM on the 11th. Last long run last night in wind but no rain.. never slept so well. Jae - let us know how you got on.. Littlehelen28 - feet up recovering, I hope ! Have you done Parkruns before ?

  • I usually plod along on my long runs more between 11-12.5 minute miles, will get there eventually, just takes time!! Not done park runs before but am looking forward to it, just something else to spur me on with my training!!

    Peter, good luck for your hm on the 11th, I enjoyed doing my first two this year and am now hooked!!

    Jae, enjoy your run tonight!! Xx
  • Beat my previous 5k best again today, coming in at 27.11. Ok, I know it was on the treadmill so I'll probably be slower outside, but just changing a few things with my form has paid dividends so far. Upping my footfall and not looking at the ground so much, trying to keep my shoulders relaxed too. Has all helped. My best mile was 8.40, which was nice. 

    Having a rest day tomorrow and then a long run Sunday - 6-7 miles depending how I feel. I could feasibly run tomorrow as I feel quite strong at the moment, but a recovery day will no doubt do me good. Oh, and I'm meeting a few old mates for a beer tonight. Well earned.

    Have great runs, all, and don't forget to post how you got on. Times aren't important - I only posted mine because I was quite pleased and sharing them with work colleagues doesn't usual bring much in the way of a response, unsurprisingly. 

  • Evening all

    Not been on for while but back with ya now image still loving this running lark and tonight had a fab t ilm in club they held a mini tri I entered and loved it!!! Such good buzz and shows that doing something bit different helps keep us motivated image also had a fab medal for my efforts so well chuffed!! Lol

    Tomoz just planning my LSR on treadmill earlyish in morning as to be honest really fancy a swim and sauna after and a frothy latte to top it all off. 2-3 hours off my toddlers on a sat morning much as I love hem, HEAVEN image

    Hope you all well loved reading posts and catching up where you are all up to with the running image
  • Bloody weather! Was supposed to go running first thing, but the rain was so heavy I've had to postpone it until this afternoon and I won't have as much time to run then. It's not that I'm a fair weather runner but it seemed a bit pointless to get soaked through in seconds and not enjoy the run so I'll wait. Annoying, though, as I was raring to go this morning and wanted to do about 7 miles. I'll be lucky to manage 5 later. Oh well, better than nowt. Hope everyone else has managed to get out this weekend.

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