Started running....I think I'm addicted.



  • I'd invest in a waterproof jacket if I was you Jae.You can't dodge the rain in this country specially this time of year or you'll not do any running at all.Also a pair of full length running tights to keep your legs warm and a lightweight cap to keep the rain off your face and your good to go.

  • I do have one and, to be fair, I was going to go but my mate, who I run with, decided against. The thought of doing the long run on my own wasn't quite as appealing. I did manage a run this afternoon but since time was at a premium I could only get a quick 5k in. Better than nothing, though.

  • Wow! Although I do try and eat breakfast religiously, I clearly wasn't very pious this morning as I ran out of time before work so missed my usual bowl of porridge/smoothie.

    Still went for a 5k run on the treadmill, but had to stop twice as I just didn't have the energy to run the whole way non stop. I know that fuel is super important (albeit more for longer runs than a mere 5k), but it was an interesting battle between my stubborness and my wooden legs. Still managed to run an 8.12 mile for the final mile, which I was very happy with. Take that legs! I'll never miss out on breakfast before a run again, though. 

  • I received a Garmin 410 for my birthday so went and picked up a footpod as I run on a treadmill at lunch. As it stands I don't actually need the footpod as I'm near a window and the GPS works. However, I have clearly set up the calibration as I gave it a quick half hour test today and was informed that I had run 2.25k. I don't think I walk that slow - or maybe I do (gulp!). 

  • 5 miles today. Knees a bit sore as I ran on the road yesterday. One week tomorrow is the 10k race. I don't expect a good time I just hope to finish in under 70 minutes. It's a good starting point. I've another 10k in January, so I'll train properly for that and see how I go. This race is more of tryout to get the feel of racing. Should be fun.

    I am well aware that I'm talking to myself, but it keeps me motivated to write some of this down, so...

  • I'm here. Not long back from a 4 miler, so 13 miles this week all in.

    Passed a bit of a weightloss milestone this week; five stone image. Celebrated by bagging myself a place for my first Half, the Great Welsh Marathon (and half) on 21st April.

  • Forgot to say a belated 'Happy Birthday', and congrats on the Garmin!

  • Hey TIna - thanks for the birthday wish.

    5 stone? That's amazing. Well done! I want to do a HM next year. I've put my name down for the London Royal Parks one so we'll see whether I get a place or not.

  • Hi all..

    Have been too exhausted to write anything (dedicated training !) but ran the Poppy Half yesterday in beautiful sunshine. A contrast to training last week and the week before in freezing conditions and darkness - just had to be done but no fun really. Bet you are looking forward to your 10K next week Jae - I'm not putting a foot outside until Saturday when it's back to parkrun.. Assume you are fully fit now littlehelen ? Hope you are all enjoying your runs and "hi" to Tina, Sam and BC boy..


  • Sounds like you're doing some great running, Peter. Yes, I am looking forward to it. Don't care too much about time (under an hour would be nice, but not essential), just want to get that first race under my belt, then it's solid training until my next 10k in Jan. Want to keep things up over Christmas so I can enjoy myself but burn a lot of it off. 

    Might start doing the Nonsuch Parkrun near me soon. I usually do a longer run with a mate but it'll keep me ticking over when he's not around.

    Hope everyone's well.

  • was good and it's "fun" to run longer than an hour.. you just go slower !  I'm still undecided about Beddington this Sunday - part of me (head) says just rest and do some cleaning and the other parts (feet) say go out and run.. Hmm... not sure... but if there is free tea and cake that will decide it ! Hope everyone is fit and well ! 

  • Looking forward to Sunday. Had a quick run yesterday, a nice slow 45 min run today and I'll probably have another short one tomorrow and then rest until Sunday. Not expecting a decent time (think I've mentioned this before) but just looking forward to the experience. Peter, if you're tired don't bother about Sunday (can't vouch for tea and cake). If it's decent I'll let you know (the race, not the tea and cake). There's another in June, I think, so you can do it then. I've also signed up to the 10k at Kenley airfield in January, so that one might be worth considering. 

  • LOL, all my runs are slow image, not been offered cake as yet though.

    Just back from Ladies Night, a 5 miler. Really struggled with the cold, damp air and my asthma. Have put a 'Buff' on my Christmas wishlist as a result!

  • Ah, Jae... If I'm tired I'll probably run anyway - drop me an e-mail with your number and I'll phone or text if I can make it - I'm warming to the idea - weather looks good and trams are running as far as I know ! Don't fancy running in June particularly (The heat) but will certainly do Mersey Tunnel run errr.... in June ! image

    Tina, what's a 'Buff' ? Should I have one on my Chriatmas list too ?

  • It's a sort of bandana that can be worn in lots of different ways, and is wicking/tech fabric. I'm using a motorcycle snood at the moment, but it was soaking wet by the time I had finished last nightimage

  • Ah, a banana ! Yes, you always get one at the finish..

  • Hi Peter, 

    Great to meet you today. I'd hoped to see you at the end to find out how you'd done, but you must have been well on your way home by the time I was done! My Garmin said I did it in 57.43 so I'm very pleased with that as I'd have definitely taken finishing in under an hour for my first race. I know there's some discrepancy with the race distance (or at least there was at the last race). I'm told it's just short of 10k and my Garmin said I'd run 6 miles, not 6.2, but even so I'd still have made it home in under an hour so I'm not too concerned. 

    I did find it quite a tough race, but that's probably because I was travelling at a slightly faster pace than I'm used to. Also, doing most of my training indoors isn't the same as on the road so that's another consideration. Fitness-wise I felt fine, but my legs felt very heavy, so I'll get a lot more on-road training in before the next one in January. 

    How'd you do?

  • I wasn't far off - the official stats said I finished in 57.45. Not sure how they timed it, but I'm happy all the same. It says you finished in 54.12, Peter. Great running!

  • Well done Jae,under an hour for your first 10k is something to be proud of.The discrepancy comes because the course is measured from the middle of the road but most runners sensibly cut as many corners as they can.Very rarely have i actually found my garmin distance matches that of the course.

    Btw how do you find the garmin?They're just the best thing ever invented i think,couldn't be without one.One of the workouts i do that highlights how useful the garmin is,is 6 half mile repeats with a quarter mile jog recovery.The garmin gives a countdown bleep for the effort to begin and i've set a pace i want to achieve for the half mile(for me 3-3'10) and the device will signal if you stray above or below.It signals when the half mile is done and the jog recovery starts until all the repeats are done.Its improved my running no end.

    For you Jae or anyone wanting to increase speed you could try this 1m warm up @ easy pace.Then do 4 half miles(say at 4-4'30) with a quarter mile jog recovery after each rep and finish with a mile cooldown @ easy pace.Just get yourself running faster over the half mile than what you'd normally run at over the 10k distance and it will boost yor speed in no time.

  • Thanks BCB. Good point about the distance - I had read that before but forgot all about it. I'm feeling great about my time as I certainly didn't start the race thinking I'd beat an hour; I just wanted to finish. 

    I love my Garmin. It's perfect for running outside, though I'm having a few probs getting accurate readings on the treadmill with the footpod. It seems the calibration isn't right as I've run for 20 minutes and the Garmin stated I'd only run 0.25 miles and I'm not that slow! As for the advanced training stuff, I'm still getting used to that, but I shall definitely have to utilise it for future training. Also, on the 410, people complain about the bezel. It just requires a bit of patience. I've hardly had any issues at all.

    Brilliant! Thanks for that - I'll definitely try it. I've got another 10k in January so now I've got my first race (and first PB) sorted I've got something to aim for next time.

  • Well done Jae ! No, I waited at until the last runner as it was lovely sunshine and in no rush to get home. I did look for you but must have missed you somehow. My watch made it 54.12 also but I think the course is bit short - 6 miles is probably about right, maybe 6.05 at the most. Good day out though and great to meet you too ! Well done again on your excellent time for a first 10k ! I won't be running a competitive race until March now as there is not much on but will be doing hill training for Hastings HM. You are more than capable of running that if you keep going through the winter.

  • Oh, does anyone know how long it takes for a photo to be approved ? I "submitted" mine on Thursday and so far, nothing !

    Hi BCB .. which Garmin do you have ? I'd like one for Christmas but not too hard to use but one which will help with training and give an idication if you are on-track for a certain finish time. I missed out on a better time last week as I did not know if I was running well or not between laps. Advice appreciated !

  • Thanks Peter. It was a beautiful day. Lovely to run in. I hung around for 20 minutes or so, but had a few errands to run so had to go. I've the 10k in Jan first so I'll see how I get on there before deciding my next move. 

  • Good luck for January - seems ages away.. is it a local race ? Took two hours to get home - May not do this one next year but Croydon is a definite at Lloyd Park - cracking race, good atmosphere and tasty cakes ! Really missed tea today - perfect at the finish image.

  • Local(ish). It's in Kenley. Haven't 100% decided I'll do it yet, but it's one I'm almost certain to do. Yes, shame there was no tea, but it was nice to get a medal nonetheless.

  • Oh, does anyone know how long it takes for a photo to be approved ? I "submitted" mine on Thursday and so far, nothing !

    Hi BCB .. which Garmin do you have ? I'd like one for Christmas but not too hard to use but one which will help with training and give an idication if you are on-track for a certain finish time. I missed out on a better time last week as I did not know if I was running well or not between laps. Advice appreciated !

  • Hi Peter,i've still got an old 305,you can't get them any more they're that ancient but i still love it even though its like having a brick on your wrist.There are 2 choices if you want Garmin,the 410 or 610.The difference is the newer 610 has touchscreen and wireless links to PC.From what I remember they  offer similar training functions,just depends on how much you want to spend and do you have to have the latest gadgets.If i was you i'd go for the 410 i think its about £100 less for virtually the same thing

  • Hi BCB... I looked at the 410 and also the 310 although it (310) looks a little bulky ! Just can't decide between the two now...  image Hope everyone else is running through the winter and enjoying the mild-ish weather... wind and rain do nothing to dampen the spirits !

    Ah, the photo is up at last.. thank goodness it's small - note the Roman soldier running behind me ! just shows how slow I am.. Never had so much fun before !

  • Hi Peter,I think the 310XT is more for triathlon as it has swim data.If you want that I'd look at the 910 as the 310 is a pretty old model now hence the size.

  • Nope... don't need swim data.. worse at swimming than runnung. I'll take a good look at the 410 then. Cheers !

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