Started running....I think I'm addicted.



  • I have the 410. I love it and I haven't even utilised it fully yet. Well worth purchasing.
  • Yes if i was updating i'd go for the 410 as well.

  • At last ! Garmin 410 is on order... Oh, has anyone done a full marathon yet ? A week ago I would not have considered it but it has been nagging this week and now it's "Yes". I'm sure running breeds madness.

  • Happy New Year, everyone.

    Had a few weeks off with a sore knee but I'm back in the saddle for a 10k mid-February. Did a couple of miles on the treadmill yesterday (first run for a while), but decided to get a couple under my belt earlier - so much more difficult on the road, but a better workout.

    Is everyone keeping the faith with running or did Christmas get in the way?

    Peter - a marathon is a fair way down the list of priorities for this year. I'm going to concentrate on 10ks and maybe a half marathon later in the year. Good luck, though. Which one are you planning to do? 

  • When I did my first in October I felt like I was flying half in 2:28 but ended up taking 5:30 to complete the whole thing!! Hard work.... But great funimage
  • Smal matter of a broken toe and a chest infection here, not been out for six weeks and it's been driving me crazy! Hoping I can get my shoes back on for the weekend.

  • I have done 5 marathons now and trying hard to break 4 hours. My last was 4hrs 1min 32 secs so definitely getting closer. I started running 4 years ago and reading how this conversation started I do got addicted pretty quickly. At the start I could only run a mile in about 11 mins but it seemed once I was able to run 3 mile I just wanted to keep going and building up to my first 10K, then 10 mile, half marathon, etc. Now when i've reach marathons I just want to get faster. As for the weight it is great I went from a 36 waist to a 30.

  • I started training today for my next 10k. As it's been a while it'll be a slow and steady build up just to get me back up to speed (I've seven weeks). I'm yet to find a 10k training plan that I'm happy with so if anyone has one they swear by and are happy to share, let me know.

  • Went for a morning run today with a mate - slipped and twisted my ankle (only ran 2 miles, too). Not too bad pain-wise, but will probably have to have a few days off. I guess if it snows then it won't matter too much. Annoying, though.

  • Hello everyone, been lurking on here for a while picking up some bits and pieces of advice but hit a bit of a milestone today and not sure what to do.

    Been running for about a month now, started over Christmas mainly run/walking about 5min/1min but today did my first non stop 5k in 29:10 today (very slow but had the best runners high!).

    My question is do I carry on focusing on getting more slow steady miles under my belt or start adding some variety into my training? I started running after buying a bike and entering a duathlon while hungover after my 30th birthday. Thats in march and I want to make the most of the time between now and then.


  • Where is everyone? Still running?

    I am five weeks away from my first Half and very excited! Had a bit of a blip after a solo 8 miler a couple of weeks ago (bit dehydrated, poor diet the day before), but now have a running buddy who has signed up to run it with me. We ran 9 miles last night, and it was a good run, so my confidence has been helped a lot.

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