Exercise bikes for training

Ok folks, I have an ex- gym exercise bike which is v good sort with all programmes, gizmos etc. My question is...." is this good to build into my ironman training programme for the dark wintry months ahead??" I have no turbo trainer so this is it ( or the open road obviously!) Any thoughts......?


  • Its better than nothing I would say, a turbo would be better tho

  • Yep as Meldy says  - it is better than nothing.

    Ignore the distance readings - they're always optimistic.

    The position will be wrong compared to your road bike and the saddle wont be the same.  You can use it in the week when its dark out - but I'd still make sure to get a ride in at the weekend. 

  • What Cougie said, it will almost fill in for a turbo trainer, make sure you get out at weekends.

  • I use a spin bike a lot ...so what i would say is base your training on time rather than distance (as said its always wrong) and a get out on a real bike any time you can

  • I do like the spin bikes - very adjustable so you can get a decent position on them.

    They cant teach you to corner or ride in the wind or bunnyhop potholes though. 

  • They make too much noise when you bunnyhop on them image

  • I can't bunnyhop on my road bikeimage

  • I can't bunny hop on my horse
  • Isn't the horse supposed to bunny hop for you Meldy?

  • Isn't that dressage? image

  • Nah that's showjumping surely?

  • Who cares, it's not a real sport! image

    Back to the OP...I travel a lot with work, and would always use the gym bikes when away. Normally leaving them in some saddle up bars down position that no-one else could fathom.

    I used some AudioFuel workouts that I could put on my phone to keep me amused, but as you're at home you could use Sufferfest or something. Don't sit there pedalling easy for an hour, it's much better to work hard for 30 mins instead (after base building).

  • Thanks for comments everyone, I actually quite enjoy it. I think I will just have to watch out for being in slightly diff position.

    I have the tv all set up with subtitles on and the radio playing. This is both bad and good.

    The bad........it seems Jeremy Kyle is on every time i am on it

    The good......I have to keep riding until they show the results of the DNA test!!
  • You can watch sport and build interval training in.

    Ball in play - tempo hard (so you can still watch the game)
    Ball out of play - easy

    or the reverse

    Ball out of play - eyes out sprint
    Ball in play - pedal easy

    But yes the saddle is likely a sofa, the position either like a recumbent or a chopper. Is it better than not training in the winter - of course.


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