Manchester Marathon

What have i done...... just entered, not done a marathon before but i am up for the challenge. Any tips? please need loads


  • Start upping your mileage NOW. Seriously, don't wait until 18 weeks before then start an 18-week training programme. Whatever training programme you're going to follow, start it two weeks early to allow time off for illness or injury - if you don't need the time off, hey you can repeat a week or two and be better trained! And if you start increasing your mileage now (at least e.g. run a longer long run every couple of weeks) , it won't be such a shock to the system.

  • Have a listen to a free podcast marathon talk, you can download it weekly from iTunes. Lots of tips etc on there that can help you
  • Every time it rains go running to prepare! Seriously, this year was a complete washout! I second Debra's advice,I always plan a break in the middle of a long training plan. I used the RW smart coach tool for my first marathon and it worked a treat.
  • Ok , Right ... did 10 mile yesterday 1;30 but felt that was my max .. ankles aching abit and the old knees.. Thanks  Deb's gonna try and get my miles up straight away i figured if i can get up to 15 plodding miles by November i should be ok, not too bothered about time just need to get round although 3;45 would be nice. Never done a marathon so abit of a Virgin to it used to TG  and Para stuff but it's been in my thoughts for a long time and need to do it before i get too old .

    I will keep putting an occasional post on let everyone know how i am getting on. Seems along way off but 6 months  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Have alook at that Muzza, mainly encouragement i need cos i am useless training by myself when it gets hard i sort of hold back . Thanks guys

  • Good work Joey! I think you'll be fine. I remember when I started training for my first marathon I was comfortably running only eight miles for my long run. Like Deb's advised I gradually started upping it by a mile a week with an easy week every three to make sure I didn't overdo it. Didn't get injured and got round in 3.51 which I was VERY pleased with!!

    It was for my first marathon that I started doing speedwork (tempos and intervals) for the first time too. I found that they really helped to build strength for the longer runs. I felt the benefit straight away so can recommend that.

    Also, nothing prepared me for the final 10k! A whole mix of pain, emotion, achievement. But you've got six months to worry about that image Good luck fella, look forward to reading your progress

  • well up to 14 miles not quite my target but not bad. Had a 3 week rest due to hurting my foot new target to do a 15 miler on xmas eve.

    Mainly been doing flat runs but now my fitness is coming back gonna incorporate a feww nasty hills into my training.

  • well good news hoping to do a 16 mile flat run on Saturday.

    Thing is since i have upped my mileage i am getting sore toes two badly bruised poss gonna lose the nail. Plenty of room in my trainers. new comfy socks any ideas ???



  • That's long distance for you, try Vaseline, dab it around and between the toes! Are your shoes to big? If your feet slide about the bash the front if the shoe.
  • I use something like these to protect my toes

    Toe Protectors

    I only put them on every other toe though otherwise it's spreads them too wide

  • Good progress, Joey! (and now you're had experience of why you want to start training early)

    Re. toe nail bruising, which nails are affected? Little toes = shoes too narrow. Big toe = shoes too short or sliding forwards. I got bruising on my next-to-little toe nail from shoes too long (trying to get enough width) - I think the fabric of the upper was actually folding down and pressing on the nail.

    You may need to tighten your laces a bit to stop your feet from sliding forwards (but be careful - you can get pressure point pain over the top-of-foot tendons from laces that are too tight).

  • Ha thanks for that chaps, yep tried the vaseline  but still sore, made me think though the trainers i am using NB are a 11.5 2e which are a little on the big size so it could be like you suggested and they are slipping about too much.mmm Get paid in two weeks so i will get some new ones poss back into asic GTs

    Debra it's the toe next to my big one on both feet that are black (LOL) not through dirty feet but bruising, been and bought some zinc oxide tape to wrap around them for Saturday so hope/should be ok.

    Thanks everyone let you know how i get on,,,, The big push.

  • oops yep sorry Debra yep i certainly am glad i have got the mileage up as quick as poss think it as worked out for the best,glad i didn't hold back mainly i yhink cos the race is not creeping up but coming upon me quickly, sort of looking forward to the race now though. Excited,,,,,


    There ya go, same as me! The toe will get use to it soon, loose a nail or 3, there isn't a lot you can do but definitely get the right size shoe! The more it slips the more it bashes the longest toe, especially on a undulating course!
  • Did the 16 and did a 15 miler yesterday 2:16 looking good. aching though every run seems hard

  • ooooh i ache this morning knees, hamstrings, ankles other than that i am fine. Need to keep it going now though , think i poss could have done another lap of the local park which would have made it 17 but perhaps a " bridge too far"  so gonna try that in two weeks or am i jumping too quick ?? I figure nine training weeks left need to be up to speed two weeks befor the event.?

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