Running and Menstrual cycle

Hi i started running in march and doing my frist Marathon in  three weeks time. My trainning going well i can run 20 miles. Though out my trainning tho i find when the Menstrual cycle coming up and the frist 3 days or so iam very tried and  light headed that it stops me from running. This mouth tho is been wrose then B4 and iam not sure is it because iam coming to the end of  mouths of hard training and my body more tried? I so scared that the day of the run am going be on and it going to stop me in my tracks Does the menstrual cycle does this to any one else and if so what tips have you got to stop it from taking all my energey out of me? 

Thanks for the help xxx


  • i think its trial and error......have you tried eating a bit more when you are feeling those tired days........

    A couple of times I had to take tavblets to delay my period when it coincided with a big race as they were so heavy that it made it impossible to race all day .........but I didn't realy notice tiriedness.......

    hope someone can be more helpful

  • are you taking iron tablets?

  • Hi there,

    I used to suffer like this, not so much since having my children - but that might be a bit of a drastic solution for you.

    Are you on any contraceptive pill? Some of them can really ease your symptoms, as you aren't really having "true" periods between cycles.

    The best thing for me, pre-children, turned out to be the contraceptive injection. One every three months and before long I had no periods at all, oh the relief.

    Might not be in time for your marathon, but something to bear in mind for the future if this continues to be an issue for you.


  • i find it easier to go for long runs and stay well out the way as much as possible in the days before.

  • Are you on BC at the moment? If a CP could block 2 packets together to get you through the marathon. Or go and speak to GP about other medical options.

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