Returning Runner: My Journey starts NOW....!

Hey Ive been a runner since I was 16- now 24 and never stuck at it. Ive always been on and off letting life get in the way. Now its time to start from scratch again. Ive done plenty of running this year so far entered 2 10ks etc but the dream has always been to run a marathon...

I have took the plunge to teach myself midfoot running as a heel striker i was always getting injuries and intend to run the marathon this way. I dont intend this to be a deabte about footstriking. This my diary of events leadning up to my marathons. Its my marathon journey which I hope will inspire people, make them reflect and go out and acheive their own new miles stone.

I started from scratch in terms of mileage when i went to midfoot so this week Im carrying on running just 2 miles a day. Building it up slowly. I hope you enjoy my journey.. I know I will. Edinburgh 2013 here I come!

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