25-30 litre pack for female MDS runner

Can anyone recommend a good 25- 30 litre pack for the female frame. Will be packed with no more than 8kg of stuff , I hope. Cheers, Sarah.


  • You need to speak to Monique. She's done it. And is female.
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    like the way you replied to that coug. god ive got a strange sense of humour
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  • have a look at the lowe alpine range, very comfy and roomy and have the bonus of small pockets on the waste band for your daily rations
  • I used the kimm pack this year on the mds- they have 2 sizes -
    it is very lightweight (500 grams or so)

    most people take the moletraks stuff, but I preferred the way the kimm sat on my back- slightly higher up.

    The mole tracks are a different shape and I didnt like it as much=- however I attached the moletracks front pouch onto my Kimm- which you can do with any rucsac and some additional webbing
  • try some of the camelbak packs - has the advantage of a hydration bladder included as well
  • is there a good shop to try on lots of these recommended packs. tried blacks but didnt see lots of these recommended ones.cheers guys for all help.
  • kimm - you have to go to the karrimor shop in covent garden- and whilst you are up there you can check out snow and rock who have a good range

    the mole tracks stuff are directly from the states or from a british website called www.buncup.com (part of eventrate.com)

    over 70% of the people this year used the moletracks.

    I just bought the front pouch and attached to my kimm (you can kind of make it out in my picture)
  • Moletracks ? Surely they just leave their tracks underground ? AND I bet they never wear backpacks. What would they know ?

    Good luck. Hope they have a better documentary on about this one than they did last year. 30 mins was nowhere near enough.
  • there is a video you can buy from best of morocco that is an hour- it is a little cheesy with a us journalist doing the course- but it goves a good idea.

    there are also lots of reports on www.eventrate.com, plus my own on www.pushingtheboundary.com

    the best source of info was the competitors message board you get access to when you sign up.

    people like Paul Shields (yorkshirerunningman) constatntly gove good advice.
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