Friday 21st September 2012


Lyrics - Hold my hand while you cut me down

RFJ - glad to hear that it's something as simple as that.

The old thread reappearing keeps confusing me - not that it takes much.

What:              30 minutes easy or rest
Why:               LSR tomorrow
Last hard:        it wasn't easy getting up this morning
Last rest:         14/9

If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.


  • Morning

    LMH: In reference to your question yesterday it's a swimming club although lots of triathletes go to improve their stroke.

    Last night was only the second time i've been and I absolutely loved it. The coach spent time with me answering numerous questions regarding technique etc. A real friendly bunch of people as well. Found it slightly easier than the first as well due to new found techniques... This was after thinking i'd struggle because I did an impromptu 45 minute spin class at the gym over lunch yesterday! Just had the urge.

    What: Enforced rest
    Why: No time at lunchtime today due to various meetings etc. coupled with the fact it's a relatives 30th birthday party this evening and by the time i'm home i'll struggle to fit anything in!
    Last hard: 16/09
    Last rest: Tuesday

    Lyrics: Nope

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    I expect that I'm the only one who appreciates the reappearence of the old thread - fascinating stuff (for me anyway)

    Good night at t' club last night. The planned time trial didn't take place due to poor light. Ended up with 8M of which the core 5M was alternate stretches (circa 800m) of steady running and efforts at 10k pace. Hard work for me but good fun nevertheless.

    No run day today as right calf was feeling rather sore after last night's efforts, though feels OK this morning.

    Alehouse: what reason is given for the deterioration of the calf/achilles
  • Morning from a tackety old home computer terminal whilst I wait for UPS to arrive with a swap out laptop. Wardi's right about starting the infected machine from safe mode. It's a shame that the computer and I seem to disagree about the safeboot password.

    Sorry to hear about the detrioration in the calf saga. Not sure what to say next. I hope you understand.

    OPR, enjoy the swim lessons, I certainly look forward to the weekly beastings as much as the satisfaction of putting it together on my own midweek.

    Running has become enjoyable again. I dropped my daughter off at a Guides activity and went for a run in the woods. Just me, my Garmin and my studdies. Loads of wildlife, some lung busting hills, and enough mud to be interesting. A plate of nosh and a pint in the country pub just in time to collect the girls. Heaven.

    Today? Depends upon the courier, and how much I get distracted by this place.

  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    morning all

    lyrics no

    opr, thats sounds great

    blisters glad to hear about your running

    what: tai chi, maybe swim.  I managed to run last night, 2.5 miles, ankle fine

    why: busy day

    last hard: last night?

    last easy: last night wasnt that hard!

    have a lovely weekend all

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • morning all & happy friday!
    Blisters - sounds a perfect run out for you. Hope UPS show up...
    what - something easy
    why - southern road relays on Sunday and want to be fresh(ish)

    Coached a group of U11s last night (16 of them)...had them doing hills (on grass) - circuit that involved 2x steep climbs on each circuit. 6 laps. Finished with some relays (involving a run up and down the hill for good measure...)
    They seemed to enjoy it, despite comments about aching muscles. Hopefully sets a few up for the cross country races!

    Good luck if you're racing this w/e

  • Nice morning after wet drive back up to Keswick

    What: nothing much

    Why: race tomorrow

    Last hard: Tuesday

    Last rest: yesterday

    Lyrics: no

    Blisters - run sounds idyllic

    Alehouse - sorry to hear calf has taken turn for worse. Thought about you yesterday passing through HM but spent much of time at Stepping Hill!
  • Hello all. Rest today after six hard days (1 LSR, 1 club run, 1 race, 3 shorter runs of 5-6M). Feeling re-energised as am trialling a job that can fit around my schedule, rather than the other way around.

    Lyrics are a no.

    Blister - sounds amazing.

    Weekend will be Platt Fields parkrun for another doomed tilt at sub-20 and another LSR on Sunday.

  • Wabo - good news on the ankle.

    Blisters - your run sounds great, as does the refuelling.

    Tom - I've found it interesting but in a voyeuristic way as obviously I don't know those involved.

    OPR - sounds as though you've found a good bunch. I can only swim FC and back stroke these days as one length of fly is likely to injure me and breast stroke is not kind to my knackered knees so I'd be a little out of place in a swim club I'm afraid.

    OH - hope the weather is kind tomorrow.

    7d - PMA man! That sub 20 is yours for the taking! Good news about the job, I'm about to go the other way but hopefully only for a few weeks.


    Have just had lunch, have some work to do for next week then need to decide whether to just walk Grace or run with her. I am a little tired and want to LSR tomorrow but I'm aware that I've only run three times this week so far and that a gentle 30 minutes will probably make me feel better.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Afternoon

    What 8 commute
    Why ?
    Lyrics no

    Went to bed at 8:30 last night so I must have been tired. Ended up running this morning as I felt energised again.

  • postie: I know that feeling. When is your marathon?

    Oh man, I have turned from DTT posting to WTT ... sorry folks. Just too much work to cope with at the moment. Just skimmed over this weeks' posts ...  

    Very happy to see Tom making more progress. Sorry to see alehouse still struggling with pesky injury image

    LMH: fantastic confidence booster! If MP feels like that you have turned a corner. I love those "holy shit, where did that come from" runs. They are too rare though. What time are you aiming for at Abo?

    Brilliant to see AF back on here as well.

    Blisters: hope you got that trojan off your laptop. These are making the rounds in Germany too. Evil stuff, that image. Great run on the other hand -- don't you just love those runs?

    7d: job sounds great. I want one of those too please ... 

    Echo everyones thoughts about hating dark, wet days. It has to be said though that the arrival of cooler temps has done wonders for my speed image

    what: 7 easy miles
    why: did 12 not-so-easy ones yesterday
    last hard: yesterday
    last rest 17/9
    lyrics: no

  • I'm afraid it was a one off chickadeee but I did enjoy it. Dream target for Abingdon would be a time beginning with 3.3; nice would be a PB (3.42) acceptable would be sub 3.45. Training hasn't been great though, still haven't found my pre VLM speed though I do have more and longer LSRs under my belt. Shouldn't you be tapering?

    Was persuaded to take the rest day today - a decision made much easier by the cold and wet!

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Evening!

    Consultant bookeed for Monday evening. Physio has already discussed me with him and he is thinking of a"para-tenon strip and internal decompression." Am talking to running doctor friend tomorrow but I doubt he will get the opportunity to examine as he is playing golf at Gleneagles! I guess its a case of "watch this space". Must admit I feel sick at the thought of an op. Anyone know anything about this sort of procedure?

    Tom: the deterioration the Qof P found was in the calf, rather than the Achilles, which she doesn't go near. For some reason the calf isn't strong enough to cope with even relatively strenuous walking or short (max 30 secs) slooow running. It is unclear whether this is due to the Achilles or a separate injury. Achilles isn't right though: yet again it is increasingly wakening me up at night.

    7D:  hope all goes well tomorrow and that there is not too much water on the course!

    Blisters:  I think I need a period of pub lunches (well...laying off them actually). I can see more pounds being gained (and financial pounds being lost) in the near future.

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • OH:  hope race goes well, too. Stepping HIll? Warum? Will be in HM in an hour and a half!

    Wabo: good to hear of the run, but please don't neglect the stretches and exercises! Nag, nag , nag!

    Lyrics: nope

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Chick am doing Abingdon, one week to go and then taper time.

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Greeting all,

    What 6.5m
    Why - Easy Run as have parkrun and SEAA road relays this weekend
    Last Hard - Thurs
    Last Rest - Weds

    Take care

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