Mapping virtual runs


Want to go on a virtual run from John O'Groats to Lands End. So the idea would be that I could see where I had got to on a map ie at the end of a 30 mile week would like to know where I had got to any ideas how I could do this software etc?


  • You could use a few different free websites to do it.

    Walk, run, jog or map my run still have the pre gps function where by you can plot your route manually onto a map.

    I haven't used these sites since smart phone app's started to plot your route as you go but I used to plot my routes in when I got home to see how far I had run in a given time.

    They might even make it possible to save each plotted leg to give you the whole picture.

    I hope that helps, feel free to pop in for a virtual cuppa as you go past London.
  • Will do J1M used to live in Uxbridge now in Scotland

  • I know Uxbridge, Scotland is on the to do list as my OH wants to take her Westie to the land of his ancestory? She's a bit mad like that!
  • I guess it depends on how much you want to automate the process. If you want to just be able to type into a box that you've run 30 miles and get it to show you where you are, you're going to probably need some coding skills. 
    If you don't mind putting in some manual work then you could use a website like when you can just mouse click a route in on a weekly basis till you've covered the 30 miles distance, see where that's got you and use it as the starting point for next week. 

  • Mapmyrun lets you plot a route on a map. 

    I think doing the whole thing in one map might crash the system (the longer the route, the slower it gets), but you could certainly do thirty miles at a time, or do it in blocks of four weeks, say.

  • I just use Google Maps and an excell spread sheet - and roughly work out where I am each night based on each days mileage.

    So far over the past 12 months I have run between Clacton and John O'Groats and am now about 200 miles away from Gdansk on my run from Clacton.



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