Conwy Half Marathon

Thought I'd get a thread started for this race, which has to be the best half of the year.  Loved this race last year despite very very warm temperatures and a sandy finish.  Apart from the congested start, which not much can be done to sort, can't think of anything to imrpove it.  Be interested to see how many Chester marathoners are doing it.


  • I really enjoyed Conwy last year, hoping for another great day there. image


    I'm a Chester marathoner... (but not a fast one!!!image ).

  • Yay ,me too Richard, great wasn't it. ?
  • I'm another ex Chester runner who'll be there. Having mixed feelings about running up the Great Orme.
  • Gaz, done Conwy past 2 years, best half of year. Orme is at mile 6 for about a mile maybe bit more but then brilliant downhill. Got pb there. Awesome run
  • IM doing the Conwy half , and it is my first one I will have done , really looking forward to it, just hope the weather isnt bad and running up the Orme isnt too bad either

  • It's a gradual climb, not steep, take a gel at about mile 4, kick on on the hill
  • I'm doing Conwy for the first time this year (actually first ever half) and was very worried when I saw the course profile the other day. You reckon it can still be a pb course despite the climb then John? Seems pretty steep

  • Not going to say its not tough, as it is, but it is one hill, and then the downhill on the other side is very very fast which may comepensate for it.  If its your 1st half, think of it this way, you are guaranteed a PB ! ! ! 

    Scenary alone is worth it, and the atmosphere is fantastic.  Great course

  • Yes, Chester was brilliant - so well organised, great route and spectators! image

    I enjoyed Conwy last year, the Orme is hard... but hitting that downhill bit feels great!!!image

  • Bumping this as race is on Sunday! image

  • Time to start the hill training then.

  • looking forward to Sunday, even the weather is looking good at the mo

  • There's still time Gaz... You've 3 days. image  

    Colin, I checked weather last night, BBC weather said sunny with 16mph wind.  Metcheck has heavy rain! 

  • Just done it. Absolutely fantastic course and perfect weather for running too. Only gripe was the slightly odd medal / t-shirt collection arrangement which led to a 20 minute queue whilst getting colder and colder. Not sure what's wrong with the "handing it to you after you cross the line arrangement" that seems to work fine at every other event I've taken part in. Basically a flat course with one notable exception - the uphill section of the Great Orme which is pretty gruelling and climbs steeply for at least two miles out of Llandudno. That said, you could watch dolphins (porpoises?) as you sweated your way up the hill and there aren't many races that you could say that about. I'd definitely recommend it though and will be back next year.

  • Great race today, helped by the weather and taking the road rather than the cycle path to Deganwy, which could have been a real bottleneck given the increased numbers at the event.

    Parking was problematic and a little amusing (after the fact) when a line of cars were told to go next right, which took us in to the fire station!  

    Agree with Limpalong re queuing.  Long queue to pick up number (l'll get there earlier than 10:30 next year) and then longer queue for medal/T shirt at end, which isn't rocket science to put right. Will need to if numbers continue to rise.

    However, despite a few niggles a great race.

  • I really enjoyed the race, got a big PB but the Great Orme was a killer. Twice I thought I'd reached the top point in the course only to turn a corner and be faced with another bloody big hill!

    I got there at 11 ish and picked my number up within a few minutes and walked straight through at the end to get my medal and T shirt. Just got lucky I guess!

  • great event today, well done to the Run Wales team, perfect weather, now realise why they called the Great Orme great.  Medal and T shirt collection was a pain but mainly because I was knackered by that stage.  Number collection worked well for me as I arrived in plenty of time.  Chocolate digestive biscuits were a masterstroke.


  • What would people think about collecting medal and tshirt before race and putting in baggage ? May solve the post race wait
  • at Chester half you can collect T shirt pre race, works well


  • Thinking of doing Chester Half next year after the brilliant experience at the marathon, would you recommend Colin ?

  • I thought it was a very good and enjoyable race today, however if it were terible conditions i think it would have been a different story. We had to park a long way from the start and the wait at the end  for the t-shirt etc could have been a nightmare. The course was great as was the atmo, will be back next year hope the weather stays fine.

  • Enjoyed the last three Chester Halves but probably as much to do with the fact I only live 11 miles away so no pre race problems getting to the start and family can come and meet me post race for lunch etc.  This years finish in town was good and the atmosphere at the end in the main shopping streets was bouncing helped by bags of haribo sweets for all finishers.  Haven't done the Chester full (or any full for that matter) but both events are organised by the same people.

  • Conwy - great race, cracking course, good T's and medals and as G of the Bang points out, brilliant atmosphere. However, the parking needs more planning for next year as does the distribution of numbers and the T's/medals.

    I left the A55 at 10.25, took 45 mins to park (about 1 mile from the start) had a long queue for number and like many, had a 20/25 minute wait at the end for T and medal. Luckily the weather was favourable, but a combination of a cool breeze and wet gear had me numb by the time I got back to the car.

    It didn't spoil the day (a great race, some good banter and a well thrashed PB saw to that image) but it does need looking at for the future.

    I will be back next year though, will just allow myself even more time!

  • Great race, and new PB and got it under 1:40. 

    As for the queue at the end, I think it was down to the fact that they had a lot of late entries and didn't have medals for everyone, so the only way to make sure the right people got the medals was by getting you to queue. I know last year they gave you your medal as you crossed the line. 

    The new course kind of helped with the bottle necking, but it was still very congested until mile 3. 

    But still great weather, good course, great place. Everytime I run in Wales on these events I always get a PB. 

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