calf again

I have been to the physio about this and we have narrowed it down to the fact i have a weak glute that is causing me the issues. My calf is that tight it is pulling on my shin. he given me a glute exercise and a calf strtch which iv always done. told me stretch it well before and after runs holding stretch for a minute. He also said use a tennis ball on the most painful areas and ice cube on my shin bone.

I be stood at bus stop etc stretching. Pritty much whenever i think about it but nothing seems to be making a diffrence. I have new trainers and had the insloe foot mould done as well plus compression socks. This calf has cost me loads recently and i have a half on the 30th then london kilomarathon next month.

Has anybody else got some advice i could give a go. At the moment I am looking to getting around the half without injury. Then got 4 weeks to try and sort things for the kilo. Top my fretting off iv got a cold. lol


  • Ice the shin with whole bag of frozen peas, for about half hour, then put a hot water bottle on the shin, take it off when it gets you to hot, then keep putting it back on, try to bare it as much as you can, Also do the calf muscle like this, Really it needs doing twice a day morning and night. Put plenty of deep heat on it as well before you go to bed.image

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