Asics 2070



  • Pah! and they only cost £105!! Damned if I'm going to buy new trendy shoes when I have a perfectly good looking pair of run in trainers!

    She'll learn when she has to pay for em!!!
  • Jon, I got my UL5s from sweatshop if that helps.
  • Ta... Think short socks look better... Ahem, nd of course perform better!!!
  • I will try the UL5s from Sweatshop. I never even thought of wearing below ankle, but sounds good to me.
  • You can get the below ankle socks from Thorlo too. I bought a pair from Northern Runner the day before the GNR, and wore them during the race.

    Not a single blister - and that speaks volumes considering it was my first half!
  • Go on JR, give a pair of Falkes a go at some point. They fit like a glove, urr, but without the fingers, if you know what I mean.
  • In fairness, my old Thorlos socks have done around 1500 miles and no signs of wear.
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