Looking for Wokingham runners :)

Good morning all, image I have just become a member of this site and really deligted to see how you all offer so much support to eachother its lovely to see. Hopefully you guys can give me a bit of help too and in return I will try my best to too despite my knowledge on running and healthy eating be quite little lol although 6 years ago i won a cross I came 2nd in a county running competition at school (you would not believe it now when you witness the pace at which i run) but unfortunatly as soon as i hit the teens everything went downhill as some if tou may have experienced image. Anyways the main reason I need help is because I really would like to participate in a marathon next year but! I have not signed up to any as I always fail to stick with a fitness regime and in need of support of others in my position. I've particated in many charity events but now want to do something more mentally and physically challenging for to raise money for charity and hope to increase the number if marathons I participate in every year. Further, another reason behind wanting to run is to become healthier as I've quit the horrible habit smoking because apparently it's bad for you :/ so I've kept up with that for 6 months, which has been quite challenging when surrounded by students smoking here there everywhere Anyways I feel it's time to pump some clean country air into my lungs and hoping to find anyone or even a group I people who would like to start running weekly or have already started and willing to le me tag along if that's okay as I find I can push myself harder and will stick with a regime if I'm with others who too are wanting to achieve a goal... Hope to hear back from anyone soon image


  • Sorry for the bad spelling and grammar I blame the iPhones auto corrections!!! Soo annoying!
  • Also what distance is it best to start running for as a beginner and when should I start adding more distance to my run ?
  • Annabel,

    Have a look at this but don't let it put you off!!


    If your at uni or college they are likely to have a club? Or join a local club. I believe they cater for all abilities.

    Probably best to target 5k as a starting point. And go from there.

    Find a couch to 5k plan, follow that and see where you want to go from there.
  • Brilliant thank you very much for your help really appreciate it and the training sounds really intense but I'm up for a challenge. The hardest part of this all is starting it all really but I'm sure once I have a routine and get into the rythme of it all I'll enjoy running more and more and I didn't think of finding out whether my university has a running club so thank you for that idea.
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