Winter running clothing



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  • Ha ha - I presume you wear the pink one with tassles!! You need it today image

    Colin McLaughlin wrote (see)

    A woolly hat keeps your brain warm.



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  • Colin wears this

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  • Wooly hat

    Gore Gloves.

    Base Layer top

    Montane lightweight jacket


    If it gets really cold I do have to wear tights, I am a softy and it gets a but nippy in Edinburgh in the mornings image

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Gloves most important thing for me - at moment I wear my cycling gloves and still my hands get freezing. When winter really gets going I wear a montane featherlite jacket, and if freezing I'll have base layer under t-shirt too. I normally always wear shorts.

  • I ran to/home from work yesterday


    I had a pair of running tights on, & to be honest they were a bit of a 'catch 22'

    They warmed my leg muscles up earlier on run hme (& kept them warm)
    The crotch area was..... dare I say??..... far too wam so early in the year

    That sad, I did almost equal my 'PB for the run home (probably a summer run in shorts/t-shirt) - only 2 seconds off!!!

    I ran a fell-race last Sunday, & the only logical kit was shorts, as tights would have carried too much water/damp after the very boggy stretches of peat.

  • Yeah good call on the fell run. I hate going through deep water with anything other than shorts / t-shirt - I remember a race with deep water covered in ice, jumping straight in thinking it would be 2ft deep only to find it about 5.5ft, my gloves went straight through the ice with me. Brr!

  • simon teare wrote (see)

    Colin wears this

    I want one. image I't go well with my long hockey socks.

  • Noooooo Colin needs the third one down on 'this' link 'items frequently bought together!' sorry technology escapes me on how to show it but shortcut image

  • The one item I like best is some form of spikes or grippers for my shoes, or even shoes with these features built in. That lets me keep running regardless of ice or snow.

  • I'm with Steve image  I absolutely love love love my Yaktrax, couldn't be without them (plus they make me feel really hard core lol!!!)

  • Interesting. I've never tried any spikes. Can you run on road with them or is that impossible?

  • The Yaktrax are spirals and you can run on asphalt with them for transittions. The springs are wound around rubber bindings and it is the rubber that can wear through first, e.g., if it is wrapped round a heel edge and you happen to heelstrike on asphalt.

    Most spikes have carbide tips and they can survive many hundred k if you only occasionally hit stone or tarmac. Only ASICS afaik use NON-carbide tipped and they wear down extremely quickly on anything but snow or ice. OTOH they are replaceable.

  • I've got some just need some snow and ice! 

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