I'm doing a few runs for a specific charity...they're just a small charity so don't provide running shirts with their logo on.

Is there anywhere in the UK that can make up decent quality (technical/climacool standard) tops with logos at quite short notice?

I'm not looking for iron on transfer style printing or a cotton tshirt and i'm also only looking for a single unit!....maybe somebody knows of a company who custom makes their running club's jersey in the UK?

Thanks in advance...


  • I know you say not iron on.  But i used iron on transfers onto a white techincal top.  Transfers cost £3.50 in tescos for seven sheets. Worked fantastic.  Whacked the iron upto maximum put a wooden board inside the t-shirt ironed on and stayed. Looked great a cheap solution.

    I agree it wouldn't look the same on a coloured t-shirt but the charity i did it for had a red on white logo, so no issues.

  • Thanks for your response booktrunk...I'm looking for something thats going to last longterm as i will be using it as my race shirt for many different events so dont mind spending a bit extra to have one made up. I'm hoping to get one in a colour as well so white isn't great for me. I have found several sites that make them up but most need a minimum order of 20 or so problem is I only need one.


  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Decathlon? I've had individual shirts done there and they work a treat and last ages. My one from last year is still going strong after 50washes
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