Mara training - good substitute needed for key long run

Niggling pain at the base of my calf means I'm binning my long run tomorrow, five weeks away from the Beachy Head Marathon.  I don't want to miss out altogether, so what are top suggestions for the best substitute?  It was going to be 14 miles with a kilometre of ascent. 



  • About the only thing I can think of is a LONG cycle ride (couple of hours) to tire your legs (if your calf will cope with that), then a shorter run.

  • Sound like a good plan Debra, thanks - like your thinking!

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    And stand on the pedals the whole way. Used to do 30 milers that way.

  • RicF, r ya serious!  Wow.  Don't think I could do that - I'll try for a mile or two!

  • I always try to do a cycle for the amount of time I was supposed to be running for. Not sure about standing on the pedals the whole way though.

  • try and do 3 miles of cycling for every mile worth of running.and if its calf problems then avoid standing on your pedals................

  • Millsy and seren, good advice esp about the pedals! I will head off for a hilly cycle of about 40 miles and push a high gear a few times

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