Sunday session 29/9/02

Morning all! Well, not only do I seem to be first, I have already done a 5K run round the block. Had an early night, got up really wanting a road run despite planned gym session this afternoon, so threw on yesterday's rank clothes and out I went. Not a brilliant speed - 28 mins - but 1.5 minutes off previous PB for the route set about a month ago.

Today: Gym. Bodypump, intervals and swim.
Why: Yesterday's session, because I did today's 7-mile run yesterday.
Last hard day: Thursday.
Last rest day: Friday.

Sassie! SASSIE! Come on! We're waiting! How was it for you last night?


  • Morning all.
    What: 6 mile easy
    Why: yesterdays gym session waas a bit more intense than it was meant to be.
    Was meant to be doing an 18 or 20 miler today but am saving that pleasure for tomorrow morning. One of the perks of not having a proper job.
    Well done for getting up and out so early V-rap. Is this early morning thing going to continue?
  • See you've posted - quite correctly! - on yesterday's thread, Sassie. Well done. That should go down as a long run since it's almost double the length of your next longest run. In no time you'll be posting hills and speedwork and cross-training and fartleks and thinking nothing of it.
  • Sarcy, I'm delighted to have proved myself wrong about being too old and inflexible to run in the mornings, but won't be able to continue as on weekday mornings I have to be on sprat duty at seven and on the road to take the oldest to school before eight, and get so tired as the week progresses that by Thursday I can scarcely move when the alarm goes off at quarter to seven. The prospect of going out when the mornings are dark and frosty also doesn't appeal one bit, and the idea of doing huge mileage in the morning is terrifying!

    Hope you have a good one tomorrow.
  • What - 4 mile recovery run am - 3 mile stroll with the kids pm.
    why - hard 7M yesterday inc timed session
    last hard - Sat
    last rest - Fri

    I thought I'd try a different 4M route mostly off road and get the trial shoes on again. I knew it was an up a hill, across a ridge and down again route but I haven't realised the ridge keeps going up. So thats a 170m climb and worse a 170m descent. So much for a recovery.

    This pm we are going with Ludlow juniors to the Cardingmill Valley - a national trust site of amazing beauty - if you are inn Shropshire at any time go - its near Church Stretton
  • What: 8 mile run
    Why: last longish run before GNR next week

    Had an easy week as hurt myself last sunday overdoing it, feeling good & ready for Gateshead next week. Good luck to everyone at Windsor, I ran part of the course this morning & I wished I was doing it myself, next year now.
  • Hope everyone that raced/is racing had a grand day out. Did the Midlands 6 Stage Road Relays at Sutton Park yesterday (where I ran like a donkey!) so a little tired this morning but ....

    What: 15 miler
    Why: Weekly long run
    Last hard run: Today
    Last rest day: Friday
  • Well, you'd finished your run while I was still snoring this am Vrap, well done.
    Congrats to all you marathon training/long runners, I wish 10.5 miles counted as an 'easy' day for me! Look forward to hearing about Loch Ness and Windsor.

    What: 2.5 miles with kids (slow jog), 7 miles on my own.
    Why: last minute preparation for junior Great North next Sat. My 8 yr old found it a struggle as she got a stitch. Have promised bribes in the shape of new shorts & drinks bottles for next weekend. Then meant to do a good hard 1/2m paced run by myself but once I got going I didn't quite have the energy to go fast, God knows why as yesterday was an easy day.
    Last hard: Thurs
    Last rest: Fri.
  • Afternoon

    What: Nothing
    Why: The race I’ve been organising – Derwentside 10 - was on today and it’s left me more wiped out than if I’d run it

  • What: 10k run around thetford forest
    why: b/f wanted to run off road in his new fell shoes
    last run: friday
    last rest: Saturday

    nice to get away from roads for once, but had a horrible treacle run - heartrate only 154ish (usually 164ish) but sounding like a steam train. either gone horribly unfit over night or still feeling effects of last w/end's half.
  • What: My longest slow run today: 9 miles. Mostly country roads. About 2 miles on tracks. Felt good afterwards. Avg h/r 130.

    Why: trying to get into an early Sunday morning routine.

    Last run: Thurs 3.8 miles plus Friday night football.
  • What: nothing. Spent 5 1/2 hours marshalling transition at the local sprint triathlon - almost as knackering as running!

    Last hard session: yesterday. Didn't get to post it so here it is. 1 lap of our very hilly two lap cross country course followed by hill reps. Only 12km ish in total, but strenuous. Why? didn't manage a decent session on Thursday because I was running with the juniors. The woods were deserted yesterday - only a single rider in the whole hour! Excellent session, making the most of the continuing mild spell.
  • Good to read about you all. Allowed myself on today to post about my 10K (enjoyed v. much, see race report). Miss you all, but I'm sticking to my discipline til after the half (20 Oct). Then I shall invite you all to plan the next goal.

    Run well!

  • Stickless

    Still not closed the door on Waterbeach (juggling family committments) but if we don't 'speak' before have a good one - you're a star

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