Bland Food

OK - white bread, white fish, white rice but there must be something other than the obvious.

Anyone have any easy foods for someone with a 'stomach' ulcer?


  • Baby food?

  • I may get hit if I suggest that. Though I use the Ellas Kitchen and that has a lot of fruit in it which is unacceptable. image

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭


  • pickled onions
  • pears


  • Bland food? any thing my mother ever cooked image

  • Oh dear Goldie. image I didn't laugh honest.

    SR - are you sue?

    Yes the list is useful Rickster. I'm quite fancying a sausage roll this eve, would that be being cruel.

  • Who has an ulcer T.mouse? Has it been properly diagnosed, and is it being treated? What symptoms is it producing?

    A bland diet doesn't mean lacking flavour, it just means that the food is easily digested, not too acidic/spicy/fatty, and typically low fibre. Carbonated drinks, alcohol and caffeine can also aggravate the stomach. 

    So that leaves lots of foods you can eat image

    Refined carbohydrates (white bread, white pasta, white rice, processed breakfast cereals (finely milles oats, cornflakes, etc.)).
    Lean meats
    White fish
    Soups (not too creamy/spicy/etc.)
    Cooked vegetables
    Cooked fruit
    Small amounts of fresh fruit (not citrus)
    Rice pudding, custard, jelly

    And so on image




  • When I have migraines I can only eat bland food.  Usually only a plain baked potato with not even butter on it.  For me bland means anything low in fat and sugar.  These tend to be particulrly unkind on my stomach when I don't feel good

  • Fruit seems to be out altogether.

    D Sarah.

    Lots of things are aggravating it at the moment but meds have just been upped.  (Omeprazole.) Other half was on meds for 4 weeks and seemed ok. A couple of weeks later symptoms came back and have gradually got worse despite taking meds. 

  • T. Mouse my mums terrible food is the reason I spent three years at catering college
  • Do you know the cause of the ulcer Mouse? If it's H.pylori, then D should be on antibiotics. If it's something else (NSAID use? I know he's had back problems?) then the omeprazole might do the trick.

    I'd recommend using something like Gaviscon in addition to the other meds - they work via a different mechanism, so can be used together. The omeprazole will reduce gastric production of acid (in a roundabout sort of way) and the Gaviscon will protect the stomach and sooth acute symptoms. Don't take the Gaviscon within an hour of the omeprazole though.

    Have words with a pharmacist if the opportunity arises image

    Are D's symptoms constant, or around meal times?

  • It's not H.pylori, tests came back negative. It's probably a combination of NSAID's and poor diet, smoking, alcohol, coffee and stress. He sometimes doesn't bother eating, just lives off coffee. (When he eats his diet is actually very good, just that he doesn't eat everyday).

    Lots of things like he can't eat at night, can't eat before lunch time (due to too much discomfort).

    Goldbeetle, you going to be making the pies for you little run then?

  • Well, that's really not a very good combination of risk factors...

    Improve diet, eat small frequent meals, reduce the coffee and smoking and alcohol. Find a way of reducing/dealing with the stress. 

    Medication alone probably won't solve the problem without some lifestyle changes.

    Make sure D takes the omeprazole regularly, and perhaps has Gaviscon (or similar, I'm not employed by the makers of Gaviscon!) an hour or so pre-meals.

  • Mouse Hogroast and beer WI are on the cake situation

    Run and then seriously fattening food image

  • Goldbeetle - you don't know how close you are.

    D's family name is Hogsflesh. I could be Mouse Hogsflesh. Though in all honesty I don't think I taste that nice and you'd need to catch me first and I'd not feed many.

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