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HI all

Just wondering what type of improvement fellow runners have made since they had there first run over there distance.

Did this involve changing your training routine ?

Id like to hear from as many people as possible.


  • Hi-
    Not quite clear what time frame you are talking of. Starting in Jan this year, I managed to run 10K in April, in about 1hr 5, a 5K in June in 27min, and am training for a half in Octover, which I reckon will take me 2:30.
    However, what I'm most pleased of is that I can stagger around 8M now and not need to spend all of the rest of the day in bed, and not need to go downstairs backwards for the rest of the week. My top speed in April required two steps in, two out per breath. Now its about three steps in, three out, but actually, I don't even notice. Pity the old legs don't want to go much faster, but I can't argue.
    I have changed my routine: I spend more time varying my pace, even on the long runs (when I'm on the homeward leg.) I don't actually get out more often (3-4 times a week, one "long" run), but I feel I make better use of my outings. My short runs have become longer (4M instead of 3).
    Good luck. Hope you get some more responses.

  • Hi Dean

    I am a real beginner and have only been running on and off for just over a year..even then I don't know if I class myself as a 'runner' really..but I have been doing it regularly now for about 6 months.

    I have only ever done the Race for Life and I did that 5K in 25 minutes..but this didn't account for the wading through the crowds. I'm due to my first proper 5K race on Sunday, so we will see...

    Anyway, a year or so ago, my first ever run was 4 miles in distance and I did it that in 42 minutes...

    After, several months of continuing at that distance, 3 or 4 times a week plus the circuit training that I have been doing for years, 3 times a week, I managed to get my time down to between 29-31 minutes, depending how well the run went...unfortunately, I too ran with colds..but I rest now, if my body tells me too!

    So, I found that my time wasn't getting any better and it was just so frustrating!! I joined the road running section of my local athletics club a few months ago and they do sessions which include hill training (which we do in circuit training anyway), and other 'efforts' training.

    I feel like this is really helping my speed and the guys at the club are also encouraging me to do longer distances, and I never thought I could go further than my routine 4 miles, but I can!!

    So efforts, hills, circuit training, bit of swimming on rest days and a few friendly faces with good advice at a running club!

    Good luck..but you sound dead speedy anyway..I'm dead jealous..I always blame it on my short, stocky legs..being only 5ft 2'!!!!
    I know, I know, what a cop out :0)
  • Hi Angela you sound speedy yourself.

    I used to run when I was younger but stopped, I then decided to take it up again 7 years later in which I ve only been training 3 times with my club that was over 3m,5.5m and then 8 on thursday, believe me it hurt.

    Ive lost 1 stone since in 2 weeks and I am eating healthier now.

    When you refer to circuit training is there any special areas that you concentrate on as I am thinking about increasing my training from 2 runs to 3 and 1 circuit in the middle with a speed session which Im due to at my club on Tuesday.

    Im looking to improve anyway I can, im very impatient which shows by having my 2nd race yesterday since I restarted.
  • Oh no, not speedy at all but the it's such a buzz, isn't it!?!

    I wish I could lose a stone in 2 weeks..ANOTHER thing to be jealous of..I'm usually such a content-happy-with-my lot sort of girl :0)

    The circuit training I do started off as three sessions at my sports at lunchtime, keeps me awake in the afternoon and I'm totally addicted to it!!!

    Depending on the instructor, it usually involves circuits which consist of, say, 8-20 stations, where a specific exercise has to be done, eg, situps, pressups, squats, squat thrusts, burpees, oh no's which are a pressup followed by a squat thrust followed by a star jump, bunny hops, tricep dips, bicep curls, pullovers, core stability, crunches..the whole shebang!!

    This exercise at each station has to be done for 30-40 seconds or 20 reps or something like that, the stations are sometimes alternated with running..and then some sessions involve a sprint relay between groups of the end of your sprint, you have to do the specified exercise. It sounds complicated but isn't really. Of course, these are organised sessions by the Sportspark. Good for stamina and strength!

    They also do 'bleep tests' which are interesting!!!!!!!! I have only ever done a 9.6 but there are guys that can get up to 15 something..eeek!! Impressive!!

    Then I started joining some outdoor sessions at lunchtime with guys that I met at these organised sessions.

    We meet up and do things like partner up and then run around a tree 5 times, alternating with pressups whilst the second person runs. We then continue running, stopping in between, to do more sit ups or pressups or core stability etc. Then we run to the 3 park benches and do 30 tricep dips, 25 situps, 20 pressups. Then continue running to a hill, we have two choices of hill. There's an 'ok, short, very steep' hill and then a 'oh god, bugger me, long and very steep' hill. Here we sprint up and down, alternate with exercises etc. Then the home strait, a few bunny hops, or something like that, stretch down and a lovely shower!! Rain or shine! It's great!!! :0)

    Hope that helps, you can just do the same sort of thing on your own. Sprint between two points and assign yourself an exercise at the end of each sprint. We kinda make it up as we go along! DIY circuits!!

    But it's more fun with others, not only for encouragement/motivation, but just to giggle at everyone groaning about the pain they are experiencing...yep, the endorphins make me giggle, talk a lot and talk very fast..I'm famed for it!!!

    Good luck with training.

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